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Latest Alfa-Romeo Dealer Reviews

Motor Village LA - Los Angeles, CA

On 2/7/2016 6:49:39 PM wrote:
I don't even know where to begin. I bought a Fiat 500 from these folks a couple of years ago. At that time my experience was pleasant. I came in with a pre-approval from my Credit union and the process was quite smooth. I have found the Fiat operation at Fiat of Los Angeles, in the 2 years I have owned my car, to be hip, modern and frankly kind of swanky. No high pressure sales or sleazy tactics......that is until I decided to upgrade to a newer model a few days ago.
Same deal exactly......I walked in with a Pre- approved loan from my credit union and immediately informed the sales man Rodrigo that I was pre-approved for x amount and wanted to see what they had in their pre-owned inventory.
The initial sales associate was nice enough. Not sure about his grasp of the English language (Brazilian) but he seemed to understand what I told him and he showed me a few cars. I picked a sweet 2014 model that was well within my price range and we started to negotiate.
In comes Mitch. Mitch, the old school sweater vest wearing, bad breath, smooth talking shyster of a Sales manager. I reiterated to him that I had a pre approved, low rate loan from my credit union. He proceeded to pull out the smoke and mirrors "let me see if I can do better than that" song and dance. After 2 hours or so of going back and forth he presented me with an offer for financing that was supposedly the best he could do.
When I contacted my Credit Union to process the loan it turned out that it was being financed by another company at a much higher rate for a longer term that the credit union had offered.
They flatly refused to do anything to rectify the situation and Mitch and the finance manager, Estrella (she had processed my previous purchase and claimed to remember me) lied to the general manager about the situation. TOTALLY SLEAZY BEHAVIOR and a really Disrespectful way to treat a loyal customer.
I would recommend staying very far away from this dealership. If I could return the car I would.

Walter's Alfa Romeo and FIAT - Riverside, CA

On 2/7/2016 2:20:48 PM wrote:
I was unsure about making my first car purchase but Seanny Phongsy and a couple other salesmen worked hard to get me a great monthly payment on the car that I wanted. Daryl also broke down all of the financing details for me and provided great customer service.