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Latest Aston-Martin Dealer Reviews

F.C. Kerbeck Premium Brands - Palmyra, NJ

On 7/20/2014 6:07:06 PM djmcintyre wrote:
Making the first-time jump up to purchase a vehicle like an Aston Martin is not the sort of decision I make every other day, but Steve was patient, direct and highly professional all the way through the process. I have lost count of how many cars that I am my wife have purchased over the years but I would have liked to come across Steve and the team a lot earlier such was the ease of the entire process. No pressure, just assistance and knowledge where I needed it the most. I told Steve when I left that I would be back for an upgrade and a big part of that statement was based on my experience with the entire team. Far superior - actually not in the same ballpark - to my experience with Mercedes or many ways also very reflective of the differential with the vehicles!

F.C. Kerbeck Premium Brands - Palmyra, NJ

On 7/19/2014 1:17:29 PM bill.boyle wrote:
there are not enough superlatives to express the professionalism , courtesy , product knowledge
and respectfulness demonstrated by the sales staff of f.c. kerceck.

i can think of Nothing that might have done better . their attention to detail will impress any
automotive afficianado .

Bravo !! w.j. boyle