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Latest BMW Dealer Reviews

BMW Tucson - Tucson, AZ

On 3/28/2017 3:58:54 AM wrote:
February 27th 2017, Tucson BMW, I would like to give the highest rating for Lance Light the Sales man at the dealer…….An AutoNation’s dealer,,, I have bought from AutoNation’s before and had good dealings..
I bought a 2014 BMW 535d with about 28,765 miles with the original tires on at the point that Chapman BMW said the tires were below safe limits.

I wish I could give the minus rating to the Tucson’s BMW senior management and used car manger, technicians who determined my “BMW Certified Pre-owned” car was 100% when I was handed the keys.
I tried to express to the salesman and the Manager of sales the tires were below the minimum tread depth… I later found out the “Ware Indicators” are where your Pre-owned should have been checked. BUT Tucson BMW Tech chose to check the tires at the lowest depth of course would pass the Pre-owned inspection…
We drove the car home that evening from Tucson I knew the tires were way below the safe limits. We took I10 to Gilbert. I felt the 535 pull every time I switch lanes the tires were the original tire and the 535 now had 28,765 or so….
One of the sales managers PAUL grabbed a tire check gage and showed me the tires had just above 3/32 tread the Key was just above which PAUL said was good for Pre-owned. I told PAUL I have scrapped better tires. Yes I could have left and not bought the car but the car was not the issue. Poor inspection of the car was the issue. All 4 rims had curb damage too which Paul said he would contact us to have the rims repaired.
Shortly after we got home I found a service advisor at Chapman BMW. I made an appointment for the tires to be looked at. You would ask why we leaved Tucson BMW with the 535, we loved the “d” for diesel.
I contacted a wheel repair person in the Mesa area to repair the rims. He said he would do a touch up of the rims. I wanted a total reface which he said he could not do.. I know I could get that reface tire off the rim repair at The Dent Wizard in Phoenix. I asked the person Paul referred me to how much he charged Tucson BMW to do his repair, he said $65.00 per wheel. I contacted Paul he argued that he would not send me no more than $100.00 in total We have NOT seen even that check yet, I did not agree to the $100.00 I wanted the total he would have paid the wheel guy which equaled to $260.00…
I called Tucson BMW asking to talk to the general manager. I was told Ray was that person when I told Ray want I had documented from Chapman BMW (RAY) this all he could do is swear and carry on like a child how Chapman does everything wrong. I tried to explain to RAY that his folks must have checked the tires at the full depth, the check list for Pre-owned says to check the tires at the ware bars. RAY said his folks do no wrong, and he said Paul was a fool PAUL does not know how to check tires. I could not believe how unprofessional this so called general manger responded. BTW RAY bad mouthed PAUL too saying he would not let PAUL work on his car why would I believe PAUL, well I did not believe PAUL. Well I have looked at the “BMW Certified Pre-owned” at Chapman BMW I have always seen brand new tires on all of their Pre-owned..
I told Ray it would cost me about $1500.00 dollars’ for tires I would expect Tucson BMW to pay for the tires. We love the car I tried to tell Ray. All Ray could say is to bring the 535 back get our car back and $25,000.00 monies down back. I wonder if the $1,500.00 would have been worth it to the higher management in Auto Nations????
YES We love the 535d…. still the 535 is not an issue, the tires and Tucson BMW are the nightmare…. WOW
I spent having the
Oh we found when we got home in the storage area where a spare tire would go in the battery area. We found nice storage compartment insert was missing. The Tucson’s parts manager is having a challenge finding the correct part, we are told that the wrong one keeps coming in. How do they know the wrong part keeps coming in, they have not tried installing it in my car???
Tired of waiting I will spend $75.00 dollars having John form Chapman BMW order the part… We found out that BMW did not put an insert in the battery area, we checked several 535d BMW’s not insert… BUT I bought one at Chapman BMW and did a little modifying and the insert fits very nice…. Makes the 535 look even better.
Yes I did read the reviews from Yelp and Google,, BUT WOW when there is a BMW check list to inspect by how can it get screwed up???
OH BTW BMW North America was USE less… There answer the dealership is independently owned they have no control over the dealership.. WHAT A CROCK, the BMW name in on the Pre-owned check list. I have lost faith in BMW North America too… Not in Chapman though……
If you would like your pro-owned car checked I’m now well versed on the correct way to check the BMW…
The below tires are the tires that were on the 535d with less than 29,000 mile if I can post pics.
Below 3mm which equals to 0.1181 inch just below 2/32 is rejection, BUT Chapman BMW normally replaces tires that are below 5/32.. A car with new tires sales better that one looking like it needs tires…
I thought about it till it was causing restless night sleep. I contacted a local Auto Nations dealer Nissan in Gilbert and talked to their General Manager. Ray would not take my calls, he probably told his staff not to receive or transfer my called to him.. Ray needs to take some management training form this guy. He was very proactive. He said Lou how can I help you resolve this problem. He never bad mouthed the other dealers. He said he would contact Ray and resolve the issue. I did tell this Nissan manager that I wanted the total price of the check. Within a week I did receive a check from Tucson BMW for $708.00, just about half of the cost of the tires
What I would like from Tucson BMW is the other half $708 for the tires, and the $260.00 for the rim damage.
Here are the supporting photos of the tires. The sellers agreement has the rim repair which I paid out of pocket for.

I think Lance did a good job selling me a great car, BMW and Tucson BMW dropped the ball on service and support.

BMW of Anchorage - Anchorage, AK

On 3/28/2017 2:19:02 AM wrote:
I've never had a bad experience with Bruce at BMW. He as well as everyone there, has always gone above and beyond to help me with any issues. I appreciate all the help they've given and will continue to get my maintenance done at BMW of Anchorage.