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Latest Buick Dealer Reviews

Desert Auto Plaza - El Centro, CA

On 1/29/2015 4:47:32 PM bkcorfman@live.com wrote:
Always took our vehicle to Desert Auto for regular service that we purchased new at Desert Auto. First Problems with AC coil leaking in dashboard. Desert Auto could not find the leak and just recharged the AC system under the 36,000 mile warranty. Then after the 36,000 mile warranty returned vehicle with same problem, Desert Auto found the leak no longer covered under the 36,000 mile warranty. Thankfully the extended warranty covered the repair with no deductible. At approx. 50,000 miles the check engine light came on. Took vehicle to Desert Auto who ran tests showing engine misfired, and determined that coolant was in the engine oil and quickly gave us a loaner vehicle thinking we would be without a vehicle for a while. Couple days later Desert Auto called to say it was condensation in the engine oil, not coolant and the problem was carbon build up in the engine that caused the misfire “check engine light”.
They went on to say that the intake manifold was removed and the total repair cost would be over $500 to clean the carbon build up and work.

I argued with the Service manager that they had misdiagnosed the problem from the beginning, the intake manifold should never had been removed if the problem was condensation and carbon build up. Long story short the Service Manager agreed to charge only $250 and no car rental fee. My wife and I reluctantly paid the charge.

Our last issue was the blower motor for the AC worked intermittently, Desert Auto could not diagnose this without it happening when we took the vehicle in. So we had to return the vehicle when the problem occured again. Desert Auto completed the repair quickly the same day and told us they would forgive the $300 charge since we were unhappy the last time we had our vehicle repaired, since our extended warranty had expired. I had to take our paperwork to their office to correct the problem with the expiration date that was 7 months later than what Desert Auto told us.

Miller Buick GMC - Woodbridge, NJ

On 1/29/2015 4:32:15 PM eagles7344@gmail.com wrote:
I came into Buick to look at the Encore and then I was going to go look at the Mazda CX5. I currently drive the Mazda CX9. I met Chrissy right at the reception area> I told her immediately I was what I was looking for and that I was also going to Mazda. She sat with me a few minutes and then immediately took me out for a test drive. I was in love with the Encore! I received such a great payment (I am leasing) and such great service from Chrissy, I did not go to Mazda!! My car was ordered and a week later I was behind the wheel. I have had the car for a few days and I am so happy with my purchase. Yes there are a few things missing I had and will take time getting used to not having them, but the what I got outweighs what I am missing. I also want to say that I have been in customer service for 37 years (dating myself) and have to say that Chrissy is wonderful, she is a really great people person and you can tell she cares. I would recommend Miller Buick, my Encore (not mine, they have to get their own) and Chrissy to anyone who is looking for a new vehicle!!