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Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac - Whitby , ON

On 10/7/2015 1:54:11 PM wrote:
I bought the new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado fully loaded in December 2013 from Nurse Chevrolet in Whitby. After owning the vehicle for 3 months and after only 3000km the heated seat stopped working, the GPS unit was malfunctioning and the park assist sensors were not working properly, all of which was shown in photos and videos
This was the beginning of a long nightmare as I had my truck in and out of the dealership for heated seats, engine misfiring, and the tailgate not opening. As I had to get materials to a job I broke my tonneau cover to get those materials into my truck and GM would not replace it. Through 2014 I had GPS issues, wiring issues, lights surging, cruise control not working, steering wheel corrosion, speakers falling out, transmission issues and much more. I emailed Nurse Chevrolet and advised them that I had missed 20 days of work from continually bringing this truck in for issues that were not getting fixed. I was fired from 2 jobs, missed out on several opportunities for big contracts and upset several clients. I bought this truck to be reliable for my renovation business and I got the complete opposite so I said to the dealership owner (Mary Nurse) that I would like my vehicle completely fixed and if not then a new vehicle as I paid $65,000.00 for this vehicle and didn’t expect to have problems with it so soon. 
I received a reply back from a Dave Dougan, the general manager of Nurse Chevrolet, stating that under Bill 161 the Health and Safety Act that my email was threatening and he fears for his life and that I am not to step foot onto Nurse Chevrolet property ever again or they will seek legal action. This was an interesting reaction considering that at the time I received the reply e-mail I had 97,000 km on my truck and only had 3000km left on my warranty and I had been into Nurse Chevrolet 20 times.  I showed the email to Devon, the manager of Customer Care at the GM head office and also to a lawyer; both came back stating that the email I sent was not threatening or harassing at all and the manager should not have responded in the way that he did and that I should receive a formal apology. To my surprise Dave Dugan was not reprimanded and I did not receive an apology from GM.  After all the issues I had with Nurse Chevrolet Devon sent me to a different dealership Gus Brown in Whitby. They said they would get to the bottom of this and get my truck fixed but even after having my vehicle for over a week and a half I was still having all the same issues.
Now 6 months later I have been to Gus Brown 9 times over issues that they keep saying to me are normal, for example my dash warning message coming on saying battery low start vehicle, my transmission slamming into second or downshifting so hard I almost get thrown out of my seat and the lights surging. First they reset the computer saying that it's a learning thing and sometimes needs to be reset; then an engineer said it's the bulbs and all bulbs had be GM certified for which they tried to charge me $450 to change 6 light bulbs. This was because the headlights were surging (going bright and dim really fast) and upon putting new bulbs in that didn't fix the problem and then GM stated that this is normal.  
Upon getting my truck back from Gus Brown I now had a loud clunking noise coming from the back that was not there before, so again back I go to the dealer, and I get a call stating that I had to replace my leaf springs on a truck that is not yet even 2 years old!   This was going to cost me $1200 as it was not under warranty
I sent Devon 2 emails 3 weeks ago and 3 phone calls the same week about all these issues. She was on vacation so I got a call from her colleague Mary who basically in a polite way told me to ‘get lost,’ that this was all my personal preference and that I was being too picky about my $65,000 vehicle and that they were not going to do anything about it and to stop calling the office!! This is when I got a lawyer involved.
After going back and forth with the dealerships that initially didn’t return any of my lawyer’s phone calls and even after she contacted Nurse Chevrolet of Whitby they still did not call her back. Eventually after going back and forth with the lawyer for GM, a Mr. Bugandy, they offered to have an engineer come out and look at my vehicle and the problems that I had complained about and which Gus Brown acknowledged. I agreed to this inspection The engineer took my vehicle for 3 hours, test drove it for ONLY 30 MINUTES, took pictures and hooked it up a diagnostic machine for the computer. Very surprisingly the engineer's report came back stated that the leaf springs, which the Gus Brown GM dealership had said were broken were fine and had nothing wrong with them! The mirror that Gus Brown stated needed a new actuator was fine according to the GM engineer!  Also he said the reason my heated seats kept breaking was because I was too fat!! In a polite terminology he said too much weight was being put on the front seat. (Rob is tall and thin and weighs 155 lbs.) In addition the report said that the rubbing noise that Gus Brown said was caused by my front right tire rim being bent from hitting a pot hole or something was not a problem. In fact the engineer’s report unbelievably basically said that everything was fine on my truck! The bottom line issue is that based on a 30 minute test drive the engineer miraculously determined that a LEMON TRUCK IS IN FACT A FANTASTIC TRUCK AND THAT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT and therefore they are not offering any sort of compensation or a replacement vehicle. Along with calling me fat!! I'm 150lbs and they said I put to much weight in the seat causing the seat to constantly break!! Are you kidding me!
My lawyer sent out a well argued response to this, to which GM replied that they stood by the engineer's report and not the dealership meaning that GM is saying WHATEVER YOU THINK WHEN YOU BRING YOUR VEHICLE TO A DEALERSHIP THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING OR TALKING ABOUT AND ARE RIPPING US ALL OFF!!!
GM will not stand behind their product nor will they fix their product as when it's covered under warranty so it's play the delay game, say this is normal until the warranty expires and then suddenly what was normal magically turn back to issues.
GM will not replace the vehicle nor will they admit that the vehicle is a lemon and when push comes to shove they just send out emails advising the customer they are not allowed back at a certain dealership and just bounce the customer around from dealer to dealer until the warranty is over OR THAT CUSTOMER JUST SELLS THE VEHICLE AND GOES TO A DIFFERENT COMPANY! THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY THEY DON'T CARE!
From what I was advised by my lawyer I'm easily out $30,000 in earnings lost from days wasted bringing my truck in and out of dealerships and on top of this the amount of money I paid for insurance on rental vehicles and the gas I put into the rentals and having to return them before getting my money's worth in gas is completely unacceptable, especially considering that I had purchased a brand new vehicle that should not have as many issues as I have had to deal with thus far AND I AM NOW CLOSE TO $10,000.00 IN LEGAL FEES WITH NO RESULT!.  


Anyone want anymore information as there is a lot please email me at

Thanks for reading my review I hope you go to dodge or ford!! Stay away from chev

Chevrolet Buick GMC of Fairbanks - Fairbanks , AK

On 10/7/2015 1:46:38 PM wrote:
When I bought my 2015 Silverado 2500 in October 2014, John Lavine was AWESOME at helping us out. It was definitely a very smooth process and he was able to make truck buying successful for me. Now when I walk into Lithia the only guy I want to help me out is John even if he was busy helping someone else I'd definitely wait or come back when he's available! Thanks John for everything you do!