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Holz Motors - Hales Corners, WI

On 7/24/2016 12:37:00 AM GPANAMVET wrote:
The day of my sale I rate my Salesman as A, my Sales Manager as A+. I buy 1 or 2 new cars a year and I thought I finally found a Dealership that puts the customer first. Was I fooled! The next 2 days after my sale I now rate my Salesman as B-, my Sales Manager as B, the parts Dept as AA++ and the Holz Service Dept Writer as C-. Look folks, it's very common for car Dealers to be all talk and no action. Once you get past that, you have to hope you received a great deal and will receive great Service for your vehicle at the Dealership. With Holz, I'm willing to sit down with some one that cares and describe my experience with them. I will still do business with them, ONLY if someone listens to me and doesn't feed me a bunch of B.S.. We invest a lot of our money so we want to insure our investment is safe as long as we own the vehicle. My overall experience with Holz for my new 2016 Camaro that I just purchased is very disappointing. With the exception of the Parts Dept, overall, I was treated very poorly with some deception by Sales and the Service Dept treated me with rudeness, belligerence, disrespect and lies. In short, the minute I drove my new car off the lot, I have a noise in the left front wheel/shock area which I would like fixed. Instead, I experienced a Service Dept that does not stand behind their vehicles and requires a part to fall off the car before they fix the noise!! Mine is just one, I'm sure, of many nightmare some customers experience. The Dealers only display the good reviews they receive. I am a 68 year old Disabled Vietnam Veteran who served their country proudly.....AND would do it again in a heartbeat. Wouldn't it be nice that auto Dealerships, like Holz for example, would have the same attitude?! Thank you very much if you have read this in entirety. You be the judge. Remember, this was an overview. The detail was left out for the purpose of time and space.

Team Superstores- Chevrolet, Cadillac, Mazda, Hyundai - Vallejo, CA

On 7/24/2016 12:32:53 AM wrote:




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Lexie A.

Your review for Team Superstores is now live!

So my husband has been diving this 96 Honda and has been putting money into it constantly. It was just a car to get to work and back but it was on its last leg. we had gone to a dealer ship in concord and they were not very helpful with helping us find a car we could afford. I got discouraged with the process so we didn't go looking again for awhile until today when my husband got a flat tired with our 3 year old son and 5 month old nephew and the lug nut broke while trying to fix the tire and he just had his last straw with the car.

I had been pre approved for financing at team supporters so we went out there to check it out. We were immediately welcomed as soon as we pulled up by Mark Aghili. I showed him my letter from the financing company that I had gotten and he immediately brought us in and gave us some water (it was a super hot day). He got us started on our application. It was nice because instead of just showing us cars right away which can be discouraging with all the prices he found out how much we were approved for so we knew what price range we were in. With the help of the Asst. Manager Rocco Marconni they figured out what type of car we were looking for to narrow the search down. Rocco is so good with numbers he narrowed it down to a car that was right in our price range. Mark pulled the car up and it was perfect. We fell in love right away. They were so thorough with the whole process it made it so easy going in and buying a car. We are very happy with our new car and it all thanks to Mark and Rocco. Such great customer service I will recommend them to anyone who ask were they can find a new car. And it was our first car we had bought. Thank You So Much :)