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Latest Dodge Dealer Reviews

Jacksonville Chrysler Jeep Dodge - Jacksonville, FL

On 4/23/2014 6:04:25 PM ReikiHealer1 wrote:
I made an appt. on 4/23/2014 to have my Oil changed at the Express Quick Lube Service. When I took my Jeep in nothing was wrong with my vehicle. All I simply wanted was for my oil to be changed. I take great care of my Jeep. Well, to begin with they put the alignment tools on my wheels before taking it into the service bay, which I did not ask for that to be done. The service person came back in and told me that my front wheels needed an alignment and he said I will get that done for you today for $69.99 ok? I said no, my car is driving straightly fine. The service person seemed to get an attitude because I did not do the alignment. Then when they changed my oil and I got into my Jeep to leave and I was driving down the road I looked down and seen my speedometer was not working. Dead on zero, while I was moving. So I turned around immediately to take my Jeep back and I ask them what did they do to my speedometer because now it is not working at all. They looked at me with a shitty smile and immediately offered to make me an appointment to bring it back in to be looked at, at my expense. They refused to take it back to the service bay and look at it right then when I immediately brought it back. I said no, I am not paying for an appointment because you people just did something to mess up my vehicle. They all denied it. I was pissed. The service person said oh, well maybe a Sensor just went out of it. I said no, there was nothing wrong with my Jeep, it was working fine until it came back out of your service bay and now my Speedometer is not working. They did not offer to do anything. They sent me on down the road with a shitty grin on their faces. Never again will I take my vehicle to this place. BEWARE!!! You will get screwed!!

Mig Chrysler - Bellefontaine, OH

On 4/23/2014 5:50:07 PM Smaz wrote:
Found truck at their dealership that had what I wanted on it. Worked entire deal over internet and flew in to pick it up.
easy transaction and very pleased with everyone I came in contact with. Highly recommend