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Latest Infiniti Dealer Reviews

Jackie Cooper Imports Mercedes-Benz - Tulsa, OK

On 5/26/2016 2:58:39 PM wrote:
Came to Tulsa to look at a vehicle that had been advertised on Craigslist, through a private owner. The vehicle didn't quite meet the quality description, so we started driving through Tulsa, looking for "the one." The vehicle was parked off to the side, in the front of the dealership, and just really caught the eye. We got out, started looking it over, and Mr. Cameron Schoenhofer came out to assist. Driving it down the road, I knew this vehicle was nice, which Cameron noted himself. He helped us look this vehicle over from top-to-bottom, even drove it up on the ramp so we could climb underneath and see how everything looked (no leaks, rot, or excessive mud). When it came down to price, he went in and batted as best he could for us, and by the end of the day, we had come to an agreement. Truck was detailed and tank filled before we drove off. The search was over.

Cameron was a fine car salesman; not a high-pressure salesman, like some I've been around the Tulsa area - those people usually just end up aggravating me. Cameron was personal, would talk to you like he had known you for a while, and he was respectful. (There's a quality I rarely associate with car-salesmen.) Really, Cameron was the kind-of salesman I would want working for me, if I had a fine auto-establishment like this. Some sales-persons might really haggle with you, and try to force you into a deal when you make a limit; sometimes they get so cocky, I'd prefer to knock-'em out! But, he wasn't like that - he was patient with us, and that made him the type of car salesman to really stand out in my mind. I highly recommend him.

Harte Infiniti - Hartford, CT

On 5/26/2016 1:24:07 PM wrote:
The whole process of trading in my car for a new Infiniti was easy. This will be my second Infiniti. It's a great car.