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Latest Jaguar Dealer Reviews

Park Place Jaguar Dallas - Dallas, TX

On 7/28/2014 10:12:51 PM wrote:
I bought a BWM 5 series from Jay Bell last week at Park Place off Lemmon. I didn't have the proper time with my work/travel schedule to get the deal done. Jay picked up the slack, communicated and got me the research about the vehicle that I would normally do myself. He was on top of deadline and communication every step with me and my credit union. As a result I own an beautiful BMW and got it at a price that was competitive throughout DFW on the same car.

Capital Luxury Cars - Colonie, NY

On 7/28/2014 7:04:09 PM Mark Ross wrote:
My wife and I were shopping for a used Nissan Murano and a 2011 had arrived recently on CLC's lot. We had already visited other dealers and we had researched everything about the vehicle. We were confident in knowing what the car was worth and what we were willing to pay for it just as we were at the other dealerships. The difference between CLC and the other dealerships was apparent as soon as we parked.

Cidalia Millham greeted us promptly and politely and we told her that we were interested in the Nissan Murano. Since it was a warm day, Cidalia offered to bring us bottled water for which we were both grateful. The car had not been detailed yet, but Cidalia assured us that it would be fully detailed before delivery. The test drive was a bit shorter than I would have liked and it would have been nice to go somewhere to get the car up to highway speed, but this is a challenge given their location. Regardless, it was far better than the piddly route we were allowed at Destination Nissan. We were impressed enough with the car that we decided to make an offer--the part most of us dread.

Cidalia took our offer to Jon, the Used Car Sales Manager, for his review. They returned with some documentation showing comparable listings for Muranos in the area and other documents supporting their asking price. The nicest part of this process is that we weren't fed the typical salesperson rhetoric such as "You know you really want this car, why are you being so difficult?" or "You'd look great in this car." Although Jon did not own up to the fact that dealers do indeed profit on financing, the rest of the discussion and negotiation was straight up and honest in my opinion. We agreed on a price and proceeded with the paperwork.

I had already secured financing before we started our car search, but Mark Taylor, the Finance Manager, asked if he could try to beat the rate. Since we wouldn't be taking delivery for a few days, I gave him the opportunity. Mark was able to slightly beat the rate, so we went with his financing. Yes, it's another profit center for dealers, but if they can offer you a competitive rate, why not take it? Ultimately, everyone has to make a profit or it would be pointless to be in business. I'm in sales, so I can respect this. While we were working on paperwork, Cidalia returned to notify us that they would also be doing the brakes on the car before we picked it up. Given what it costs to have someone do brakes, that was very good news and definitely helped us feel better about our decision to buy from CLC.

We returned to pick up the car a few days later and everything had been completed as agreed. The car looked fantastic and all of the paperwork was ready to be signed. There was brief discussion of extended warranties, but the pressure was minimal and we had not intended to purchase such a policy.

Although CLC deals in luxury vehicles, the attitude and personality of the staff is very down to earth. There is definitely no sense that the salesperson is looking down their nose at you, and if they were going to do that to anyone, it would have been us. The salesmen at the other dealerships either never came to greet us (we had to hunt them down), or we wandered the lot for about a half hour before they decided to come talk to us. I realize that you don't want to smother the customer, but having a salesperson acknowledge you would be nice. The days we visited the other dealerships were equally warm and humid, but they never offered water. In fact, we had to go in search of water at their facilities after hitting the point of being slightly dehydrated. The other dealers also consist of stereotypical car salespeople spewing any number of phrases trying to get you to make a deal with the devil. I won't do business that way and, as far as I can tell, neither will CLC. Take the time and visit their dealership. You will be glad you did. Ask for Cidalia--she'll take great care of you before and after the sale and she knows her Volvos!