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Latest Jeep Dealer Reviews

Parkway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mississauga - Mississauga, ON

On 7/4/2015 8:05:30 PM wrote:
I had the best experience purchasing my dodge ram from this dealership. Omar, Marco, and Debbie were simply fantastic.

I felt no pressure from the sales staff. They accepted the fact that i was going to go home and sit on it for a few days before I let them now if i was buying the vehicle. The entire purchase from beginning to end was provided with the ultimate customer service.

If your looking for a good team to buy a car from. I highly recommend using Omar and Marco. They make the process simple and work very well together.

Airport Chrysler Dodge Jeep - Orlando, FL

On 7/4/2015 7:36:19 PM Bill159 wrote:
Oh my! Where to start!?!?! Let's start with the 'appointment' process. Well, actually, there are no 'real' appointments.They disclose the 'appointment' is just a time a person will take your information and then schedule you. Well, if you just drove off the street and pulled in to the service line, the same thing would apply. So just dismiss the appointment time as a fancy term that they are looking out for you and offering something special. There really are no appointments! You may have an appointment for that morning but not get your car back for 3 days! Now, addressing my particular situation. I had pre-scheduled the following work, replace a loose rear-view mirror, covered oil change, damaged tire and installation of an air deflector. Sounds simple enough. but wait, the rear view mirror charge was too much so I cancelled it, they charged for the oil change, they changed the tire and had to order the air deflector...........really, had to order the air deflector? Oh, and they also would have had to order the rear view mirror had I chosen to have it done! So, what I was finding out is they have no parts on hand. So, that reduced the service to just an oil change and tire change. Gee, they could do all of this and have my car ready 28 hours later??? Now let's get to the billing process. The work I actually had done amounted to $193.00, the new tire and tire rotation. Also add in the order for an air deflector......$100.00. Uh, that's $293.00, right? Well, my card was charged $468.00. Well, to be fair, $29.00 in shop supplies(?). Was explained this could be for the weights required in the tire rotation.Plus tax. So far, I have paid $468.00 for a new tire and tire rotation. Are you following me here? The service person admitted there was a screw up in the billing. He offered to install the air deflector for free, credit my credit card account for the difference and call it even.Well, well, well! Not wanting to rock the boat until all of the work was done, I agreed. Well, my cc account was never credited back the amount over charged. So, I take my vehicle back in to have the air deflector installed. Oh, by the way, from the original order I was told the air deflector would be in in 4 to 5 days. Well, never heard back, so I called after 8 days and found the part was in. Hell, it was probably in 4 days earlier. So, I arrange an 'appointment' for 9:40 am. Now mind you, this is a 'real time' appointment not confined to the restrictions of 'new' appointments. Meaning, the part was there the mechanic had his tools in hand and everything was a go! Not so fast! It was 11: 49 before I got out of there. And get this (I should have seen it coming), they found a little ding in the windshield they could fix by charging my insurance co. Of course, I said 'go ahead!' Can't wait to see what they charge my insurance co for that. Now please, bear with me. I know this is a long story, but it has to be told. So, after challenging the person I was dealing with about the billing, the manager had to be called in. She is a gruff looking person with a scowl on her face as though she was being bothered. Well, she tried to juggle the numbers to support the over charges..............but she couldn't. So, I was finally credited for the amount I was over charged. Oh, by the way, my brand new specially ordered air deflector has a scratch on it from the installation. There are new noises I am hearing while driving. Oh wait, I forgot! Another problem I had was the 'low tire' light stayed on. Well, they fixed that, but in the process eliminated the other warning signals (door ajar, seat belts, etc.) in the process. So, instead of fixing the problem, they just disconnected the problem! I hope I didn't forget anything. In summation, don't go to Airport Chrysler Dodge for service.