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Latest Kia Dealer Reviews

Joe Myers Mazda Kia - Jersey Village, TX

On 10/19/2014 10:03:08 PM aes3 wrote:
My first visit I was looking for 2014 Mazda3 sedan in gray. I couldn't agree on a price with their games of checking back and forth with manager. Two days later I came back looking for 2015 Mazda3. Manny Villareal told me they have a red one in stock although checking their website the inventory did not show a 2015 red Mazda. I thought they must have new stock that did not show in their website's inventory yet. Manny even talked to my son on the phone specifying that I was negotiating for either 2014 gray or 2015 red. My son said he preferred 2015 red Mazda3.

I negotiated the price with Manny and his manager for a red 2015. They told me to pay $500 deposit because I had other plans that evening. I gave them my AMEX. Manny drove the car to the front. He had removed the MSRP sticker from the window. It was not even in the glove compartment. Sensing something not right while they were processing the transaction, I stood outside the door of their office and asked Manny one more time if he was selling me a 2015 car. He turned to the manager in their office and they were whispering. I went to the table about 10 steps away and waited. Manny came back to tell me it was a 2014 car.

If I hadn't asked again they would have gone ahead to process the paperwork. I probably would have caught it at the final signing. When I found out they had misled me into paying a deposit for a different model I was very upset. Manny told me that there was no difference b/t 2014 and 2015 model. Granted there is no difference in design, I was buying 2015, which is now starting to trickle in for inventory. There is more room for negotiation with 2014 models. Thus I did not make an offer as low as if I was negotiating for a 2014 model.

I told Manny that he lied to me and wasted my time. I grabbed my AMEX card and left. I did not sign the deposit receipt. That was Friday afternoon. I just checked my AMEX online today, Sunday. Joe Meyers had processed the $500. These people are dishonest and have no shame. I found a 2015 car at another dealer. I am disputing the charge with AMEX.

Jeff Wyler Eastgate Auto Mall - Batavia, OH

On 10/19/2014 9:21:43 PM eagle1234 wrote:
I came in for a service on my Sedona and started looking at cars. Alexis and Kris approached me about my interest in buying a car. I test drove that day and left, letting them know I would be back in a few days. There was no high pressure to buy immediately. I received a friendly e-mail from Alexis before I came back, to see if I had any questions. I came back a few days later. After looking at several Sportages and another test drive, I purchased my Kia Sportage. Alexis and Kris, and several others on the Jeff Wyler team worked late to help me with my purchase. Throughout the entire process, Alexis was very friendly and kept the stress level low.