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Latest Maybach Dealer Reviews

House of Imports - Buena Park, CA

On 3/6/2017 1:48:09 PM wrote:
I took my car in on Friday to have the body shop give me an estimate on the damages due to somebody running a red light and hit me. They put me in a rental car and never told me the body shop wasn't open on the weekends so when I called on Saturday to find out what was going on with my car they said the body shop was closed and wouldn't be there until Monday. So here I was paying for a rental car when they're not even working on my car . I would've brought my car in on Monday and been happy to take a rental car knowing that something was getting done on mine but that wasn't the case. Also I was supposed to get a phone call or an email as I was told many times which I never received and when I called on Monday they said my car was disassembled. I told him several times that I need to get back together because I'm coming to pick it up and that was two hours ago and nobody has called me yet. I did not authorize any work to be done on my car all I wanted was an estimate so I can compare it with my insurance it was gonna cost to fix it .

Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway - Houston, TX

On 2/23/2017 5:11:47 PM wrote:
Due to ignorance of the service agent (which is not a big issue) I was forced to use my tire protection plan despite that I told them that the tier manufacturer provides full warranty and would offer free replacement. My protection policy offers four claims per year and due to the ignorance of Mercedes Benz Greenway, I lost one! I demanded cancelation of the claim but this was denied. I demanded that they offer me a free-of-charge coverage for a fourth claim but this was also denied. All what I got was sorry this was new to us and now we know. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I tried to get help from Mercedes Benz USA, but they simply redirected my complaint to the dealer and said this is all what we can do!