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Latest Maybach Dealer Reviews

House of Imports - Buena Park, CA

On 6/24/2017 3:56:01 AM wrote:
The people that work here are the most unprofessional people I have ever met. Luckily Autonation provides a 5 day return policy so I was able to give back the car and not deal with any of the headaches.

My sister had originally tried to set up an appointment for a BMW 740i from these guys and coordinated for them to bring the car to me at 11 am on a Saturday. Just look at the ridiculous way Andrew, their sales person who they pay money to, communicate with clients. See the conversation in the pictures.

The guy basically said let's throw the whole deal out the window because I overslept. Even after this I drove back with Justin, a different sales person, to purchase the car. Once we got to the dealership I never haggled on the price or anything like that, all I said was the steering wheel shakes between 65mph and 75mph and having experience with used cars it could be a variety of things. I specifically said to Justin Sllamniku that when I buy used cars I have the dealership fix all the issues and I come pick up the car after, I will sign everything and come get it when you fix all the issues. Justin and Mitchell both said no its ok go ahead and take the car you have a 5 day return policy and we will schedule for all the repairs to be done on Monday at BMW Valencia, don't worry about anything. I was told Mark Newton would call me at 8am to set everything up.

I took Monday off to take the car to Valencia BMW so I can get all those issues resolved. I had my loan ready to go and the bank was waiting to send a check. When I called Mark at 10am on Monday, he then emailed Valencia BMW and afterwards they replied the person dealing with all this is not there and ill have to come back Tuesday. BMW Valencia is 30 miles away from me and I specifically took the day off to deal with this and I gave the dealership a chance to fix the car to begin with, before I take vehicle. I also noticed that the cars bumper in the front was painted really poorly and had a lot of overspray, so I decided to take the car to my body shop to find out that the entire left side of the car was painted and was poorly blended. I bought lease returns before and I have to say whoever painted that bumper looked like it was done by someone in their drive way. Just take a look yourself. I am not a professional but even I saw that.
See pictures.

Eventually after speaking to Mark many times, I was authorized to take the car to Center BMW which is 10 mins walking distance for me. I took the car to Center BMW and while trying to balance the wheels they found out the wheels were bent, the car remained there for the next 3 days while we argue about having it being approved as a repair. We called Mark to try to get this approved and done with but Mark said "why don't we give you a rental car and we will take the BMW and try to have it repaired at our dealership (House of Imports)". My problem with that is the fact I had given the sales people the opportunity in the beginning to do that. Even after finding out the left side of the car is messed up and the badging on the car showing as a BMW 750i instead of 740i, I was going to purchase the car anyways as long as everything was approved to make my life easier. They put this car back on sale still with the same false badging which this is blatantly misrepresenting the car. Here is the link ( Sometimes you have to do what is best for the customer not the business, especially when the customer gave you several chances to have the car repaired on your terms. Mark said he only wants to fix the car "on his terms".

I ended up getting tired of the nonsense and brought the car back. I have bought used cars from Keys Mercedes, Keys Acura and Lexus and they always fixed everything before me taking possession of the car, this was the first time I was rushed out and overpromised a lot of things that never happened. I emailed Sean Davisson the GM and he never replied, reputation or service is not something these guy pride themselves on.

I ended up buying a 2013 BMW from Norm Reeves Honda. The sales person was younger but more professional and the car was in much better shape and overall a much better experience.

Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway - Houston, TX

On 6/1/2017 12:56:34 PM wrote:
Keith Williamson was our sales rep when we bought our certified pre-owned GLA250 back in November. He was wonderful and did an amazing job keeping us satisfied. I would highly recommend him to anybody!