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Latest Maybach Dealer Reviews

Euro Motorcars Bethesda - Bethesda, MD

On 5/9/2016 7:52:40 AM wrote:
I filed a complaint with the BBB to help resolve three issues I have with the dealership concerning the purchase of a 2014 Mercedes S550. The complaints have to do with an overcharging of $528.77 in Sales Tax, the reimbursement of $200 for a Windshield Wiper that was replaced almost as soon as I left the dealership (after paying $1,500 to have the car certified as a preowned vehicle), and the reimbursement of $20.00 for a title work that was required because the dealership neglected to add the lien holder at closing as I requested.
These issues have been going on since January of 2016 and I have tried to contact the dealership on numerous occasions to resolve them. They have chosen to take an aftersales approach of largely ignoring my inquiries and of lately not responding to any of my emails.
I regret that I had to file a BBB complain to help get the issues resolved, but given their unprofessional approach to after sales support I had no other recourse. I will not say they lied to me, but you have to wonder when they say a sales tax certificate I submitted to them was rejected by my home state, but after almost four weeks they can’t produce anything in writing supporting their claim resulting in sales tax overcharges to me. After contacting the dealership on numerous occasions, my only recourse to resolving my three issues with them is to submit a BBB complain
More than the money is their willingness to put our personal safety at risk by failing to do a job they were paid to do. I paid $1,500 to have the car certified as a preowned vehicle which includes the inspection of the windshield wipers. In what limited inspection they did do, the issue with the wiper blades was not identified and was not corrected. We drove home Friday night to Missouri and encountered rain on the drive. Thank goodness the rain only lasted for about 10 minutes and I was able to get the problem fixed at our local Mercedes dealer in Missouri when we got home. I guess the $1,500 was not worth their time to ensure our safety.
I hope the leadership of this establishment is able to deal with the three issues I have with them. To me these are red flags that indicate signs of a poorly run organization, lack of attention to details and a disrespect of your customers. I hope they fix these issues soon.

Euro Motorcars Bethesda - Bethesda, MD

On 4/20/2016 6:15:32 PM wrote:
Do Not Business with Euro Motors Bethesda. Their service and repair prices are over the top. Even for Mercedes. To make matters worse Business manger Todd Patykewich ran my credit report without authorization. Looking through my file going back to 2012. This is an illegal action. Please refer to the Fair Credit Act and attorney's general office