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Latest Mazda Dealer Reviews

Maple Mazda - Vaughan , ON

On 8/21/2014 2:10:09 AM DovM wrote:
There were several things that were exceptional.
1. When Paul offered me to take the car for a test he made me fell like a trusted friend, didn't require recording my personal ID.
2. My child was offered a balloon which made her happy and touched me. When she accidentally let go of it and lost it they gave her another one.
3. At the end Paul gave me a gift unexpectedly,winter rubber mats. Very useful.
4. When I spoke to Paul and mentioned that the text msgs aren't loading from my phone to the touch screen he said that I may need to have a software update and that I should take his own car while my car is being serviced.
5. I am also very happy that I don't need to be concerned about parking in a parking lot and getting a scratch as that will be fixed under the coverage.

I like my car a lot!

Grieco Mazda of Delray Beach - Delray Beach, FL

On 8/21/2014 2:06:29 AM mazdagriecosucks wrote:
they will trick you to go there with one price, then they will say, ohh noo we made a mistake sorry man, you have to pay more, when you do get angry and loud the manager will come just to tell you how incompetent they are and still can not give you the promised price for some lame reason. It is incredible how such a bad place can have so many dealer ships and sell so many cars. in my case i didnt play their game, and didnt buy the car. i went somewhere else.
when i went to buy the car my father in law came with me. he said to me "if i had not come and see this, i would not have believe you the story, this place sucks"
he is from brazil he also mention that in brazil some one would have punch those guys in the face