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Latest Mercury Dealer Reviews

All American Ford in Paramus - Paramus, NJ

On 8/27/2015 10:11:03 PM wrote:
I want to express my gratitude for all of Steve Pezzuti’s excellent assistance in guiding my father and I through the process of leasing a Ford Fusion.

After researching local car deals and visiting several other dealerships in the area, my father and I decided to return to All American Ford in Paramus because of the deal that Steve offered us, but more importantly because of Steve’s outstanding interpersonal skills and vast knowledge of Ford’s vehicles.

Unlike virtually every other employee at other dealerships, Steve came across as genuinely interested in helping us choose the best car at a reasonable price. I was impressed with Steve’s calm and professional demeanor and how he was able to remain this way despite ultimately selling us on the car.

I am especially appreciative of the fact that your dealership doesn’t seem to force customers to test drive the car before discussing the monthly payments and other figures. It appears as though some car dealerships utilize this technique in the hopes that customers will fall in love with the car and will be therefore be willing to pay a higher price for it. Since this is my first new car and I am still in school (and therefore completely dependent upon the generosity of my parents for making the monthly payments), it was apparent that Steve understood my specific need for a safe, yet affordable car. Steve also stood out from all of the other employees at other car dealerships because of his extensive knowledge of cars. It was very obvious that he knew what he was talking about and his guidance concerning which car would suit my needs was truly appreciated.

In short, when my father and I were determining which car was the best option, we decided to give All American Ford of Paramus our business because we were impressed by Steve’s professionalism, helpful assistance, and genuine personality.

Bob Utter Ford Lincoln - Sherman, TX

On 8/27/2015 9:22:35 PM wrote:
So excited about my new Ford Escape. Thanks to Brad Kerrigan and the staff at Bob Utter Ford for making my purchase a smooth one.