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Latest Mitsubishi Dealer Reviews

Continental Mitsubishi - Countryside, IL

On 4/16/2014 5:04:39 PM Abby413 wrote:
Bought my 2014 Outlander GT on a Friday afternoon/night. Sale itself went well - Joe Garner was helpful and low pressure. (As seems to be the norm these days, it did take FOREVER to finally drive off the lot). On Saturday, I stopped at the dealer and ordered a hood protector (not in stock). Over the weekend; it occurred to me that I had forgotten to ask about getting the side molding/bumper protection package installed. I emailed both Joe Garner and the Sales Manager Mike Botica asking them if I could have the "Protection Package" as described on the Mitsubishi site. I even included a screen shot from the Mitsubishi website showing the description and cost. Shortly after I received a call from the Continental Service Dept to "schedule the package install". During this call I reiterated the components and cost that were stated on the website.

Fast forward to install day. Get finished with install. Get bill - nearly drop. The "package" was not a package. Each component was itemized and billed as though I had purchased them individually. I immediately protested and went to their "courtesy computer", called up the Mitsubishi site and the "Protection Package" page that I had emailed Joe and Mike. I was approached by Mike Botica who asked what the issue was. I reminded him that I had just purchased the vehicle, had emailed him regarding the package install (while pointing to the computer), and that he had the service dept. call me to set up up the install. His responses: "I got union guys to pay back there" and "That price (cost on website) is for parts only". When I said I didn't see an asterisk on the cost indicating "parts only", he doubled down and said the only way to get the package price on any package was if it came that way from the factory. I again reiterated that I wasn't looking for anything special - just what I had emailed him. I asked him if he really wanted me telling everyone I know how they do business there? He looked at me with almost contempt - not like I was someone who had just spent $30,000 there. I called my wife to give her the "good news" - as I was on the phone with her, Botica approached me and said I could either leave on my own, or he would call the police and have them escort me out! SO, I paid the bill and thanked Mr. Botica for my new hobby - letting everyone I know exactly how he does business.

After a quick survey of area dealerships, the consensus seems to be that what Continental did wasn't illegal - just sleazy and short-sighted. Mr. Botica never "officially" confirmed the cost that I sent him - he just had the service dept call to schedule a package. The service dept doesn't know what price the package is - they just schedule. In a sick way it's almost perfect. If you ask me, an ethical business would've called or emailed to tell me it wouldn't/couldn't be done for the website cost - Continental Mitsubishi chose not to. Like the saying goes - having ethics is like being pregnant; you either are, or you aren't, you either have it, or you don't.

Cortese Auto Group - Rochester, NY

On 4/16/2014 12:17:11 PM surajbattu wrote:
I am very much happy with our overall experience from test drive to finishing paper work..The oprions were good enough..Price was great..I highly recommend this to all ..