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Latest Pontiac Dealer Reviews

Willis Chevrolet Buick Pontiac - Smyrna, DE

On 7/23/2014 6:22:43 PM garmstrong11 wrote:
We bought a truck from Willis in the beginning June and it is now July 23rd and we have only had the truck home for a week total. It has been returned for repairs three times, the first time they claimed to fix something and actually never did! The salesman was terrible and lied to us multiple times. One of the other managers also lied to our faces the first time it was picked up telling us that it had been repaired when it actually had not. The service department has fed up excuse after excuse claiming that they are waiting for parts. All they do is lie to cover themselves. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM WILLIS!

Jones Auto Center - Wickenburg, AZ

On 7/23/2014 3:40:21 PM kellyo325 wrote:
On July 15, 2014 I purchased a 2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD from Jones Ford in Wickenburg, AZ. On July 17, 2014 I washed the vehicle and in the process I washed tire dressing off of the tires and at that time I notice that the tires were dry rotted and that on the two rear tires the tread appeared to be separating from the tire. The date code on the tires is from 2004. I had the tires inspected by a mechanic and was told not to drive the truck anymore until I get new tires as they are unsafe. I made an assumption that the vehicle was safe to drive. There was a sticker in the window that stated they performed a 62 point vehicle inspection. How could these tires pass that inspection? I was never provided with the results of the inspection. The salespeople at Jones Ford new that I would have to drive the vehicle 250 miles to my home. I am a little upset that I was allowed to leave the lot with dry rotted unsafe tires, but I consider myself very fortunate to still be alive.

I have requested from Jones Ford to honor the contract that we signed that stated there was an implied warranty of Merchantability. The contract states: The seller hereby warrants that this vehicle will be fit for the ordinary purposes for which the vehicle is used for 15 days or 500 miles after delivery, whichever is earlier, except with regard to particular defects disclosed on the first page of this agreement. You (the purchaser) will have to pay up to $25.00 for each of the first two repairs if the warranty is violated.

The implied warranty of merchantability is also part of Arizona Revised Statutes, AZ Rev Stat § 44-1267.
There were no defects disclosed on the first page of the agreement, therefore Jones Ford is still liable for any issues under the implied warranty of merchantability and are required to sale me a vehicle is fit for ordinary purposes. With the current condition of the tires the vehicle is absolutely not fit for ordinary purposes.

I received a call from Erica Sloan on 07/21/2014 and she told me that she would be happy to sale me tires at cost for a total of $691. I told her that per the implied warranty of merchantability and the contract that I signed I should only be liable for $25.00. Mrs. Sloan told me she would work on it. On 07/23/2014 I received a call from Aaron and he told me that he sold me the truck at wholesale so he was not going to honor the warranty. He did offer to sale me tires at cost again, but I insisted that Jones Ford honor the warranty. The purchase price of the truck does not in any way void the warranty. He gave the number to Brady Jones from their law department.

Unfortunately there is no zero star rating.