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Latest Saab Dealer Reviews

Fathers & Sons Audi Porsche Volvo - West Springfield, MA

On 7/29/2015 4:38:13 PM wrote:
My friend and I went to test drive an Audi Q3 one Sunday afternoon recently. It was the last Sunday of the month and apparently it is a time when Father's and Sons tends to be very busy, because it is the only Sunday they are open. It became evident shortly after we arrived that they were understaffed for the amount of people to service.
After arriving, we walked around the parking lot, looking at cars, and hoping that someone would greet us and make us feel welcome. When that didn't happen, I went inside to see if there was an available person to assist us. Salesmen ( I didn't see any saleswomen ) were busy with other clients which is understandable. But too busy to say "hello, how may I assist you today"?
There was no receptionist at the desk, and in that kind of situation, people are really on their own. In fact, there were a few product specialists who walked right by me as if I were not there at all. Not a great feeling. We almost left at that point, but since we made the trip from Northampton, we decided to stay.
After coming back outside and not receiving any help again, nor acknowledgement that we were even present in the first place by anyone who worked there, I went back inside and once again was ignored. I hope this isn't business as usual, because it certainly is not endearing.
One product specialist was paying attention that day, and that was Jonathan Schulz. Jonathan to the rescue! He eventually allowed us to test drive the car we wanted to see, which was amazing ( the car and the opportunity to take the wheels ourselves), but by this time they were near closing time. Jonathan was very friendly and even took us out back to see some of the 2016 models. He did tell me that I would need to have my car serviced at the Audi dealership or risk voiding my warranty, which may be true for warranty parts, but if I am correct, the Federal Trade Commission feels differently about
general maintenance such as oil changes, etc.

Karp Buick - Rockville Centre, NY

On 7/29/2015 7:20:58 AM wrote:
The title says it all. The car purchase experience can be a difficult one but it is amazing when you are working with someone that has those great communication skills and is there to help you get the car you want rather than put you in the vehicle they want to put you in. Once I sat down to review the inventory with the Karp Auto Sales person, Adda Sjoberg, I immediately knew it would not be a typical car purchasing equipment. I highly recommend the vehicle I purchased, the Dealership but especially Adda Sjoberg.