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Latest Saab Dealer Reviews

Jim Hudson Buick GMC Cadillac - Columbia, SC

On 10/21/2016 11:36:57 AM wrote:
I took my car in for an oil change and for them to tell me why my car was making a noise. I was quoted $49.95 for the oil change, which turned out to be almost $70. And the diagnostic fee was $59.95 plus some miscellaneous shop fee of almost $7. The diagnosis was incorrect and I ended up replacing $400 worth of parts on my car when it should have only been $200. None of the services I received are worthy of anyone. No one deserves to be mislead by anyone for any reason. Especially when money is involved. I am disappointed that Jim Hudson has his name attached to such a service department. After all the cars and years of dealings, I much prefer the dealership and service department that used to be on garners ferry. I bought my first car from there some 20 years ago. When did the customer not become the top priority? When did it become about just making a buck?

Falcone Volkswagen Subaru & Saab - Indianapolis, IN

On 10/20/2016 4:17:11 PM wrote:

1 review
5.0 star rating 10/20/2016 Updated review
Another great experience with maintenance service at Falcone Service. Steve Halloran, my main man, was his usual cordial, friendly, and helpful self.I always check in with him first even if I have to wait while he's with another customer. Nothing gets done until I first talk to Steve. He always has my best interests to heart as do all the other members of the Falcone family. He got me right in, diagnosed the problem very quickly, and even saved me about $150.00 in labor by suggesting preventive maintenance.He also loaned me a beautiful 2017 Subaru Outback fully loaded in order to carry on with the rest of my busy day. What a car or should I say SUV. It was such a joy to drive while waiting for my Beetle.Thanks Steve! At the end of the day when Steve was preparing my bill, I looked over to Shelby Isner's office and noticed a model VW Beetle in her office. It looked just like my yellow 2000 VW Beetle GLX.I strolled over to her office and politely asked her how much she would take for it since it was a duplicate of my car. I was willing to pay whatever she wanted. She would not accept my offer but instead graciously gave me the model. I couldn't believe it and kept insisting she take some money for it but she wouldn't have it. Instead I gave her a big hug. You may ask yourself what does this have to do with service. Well to me if you show that kind of generosity and kindness in such a small manner as this, it isindicative of the care and commitment that runs through the entire business.I look at the little things that maybe not too many people do in this hustling, bustling world of ours. These things can tell you so much about an establishment. What it tells me is that I can rest assured that each time I visit Falcone Service, they are looking out for me in all respects because they all care. That's very special in this day and age. Sincerely submitted, Arthur D. Anderson