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Latest Saturn Dealer Reviews

Saturn of Irvine - Irvine, CA

On 12/4/2014 1:13:02 PM Josephtarr wrote:
3 solutions offered, 380$ later, and problem still occurs and the tech forgot to plug back in my turn signal and caution flasher lights. Called an employee for help and the manager of the service department on 2 separate days and didnt receive a return phone call.

Mazda of Mesquite - Mesquite, TX

On 7/13/2014 6:47:09 PM toneal01 wrote:
I am an internet buyer and years ago I purchased a CX-7 and it went off without a hitch. I made all my arrangements online. I took my trade in at the same time I picked up my new car. They just verified the condition of my trade, showed me the new car, and I signed the paper work and was gone in less than an hour. What car buying should be right?

This year I tried to do the same thing. On the first visit they mislead me on my trade worth and we walked out after getting a quote for our trade thousands lower than what they said they would give based on photo's and detailed information I provided. A few weeks later they said they could now make the original deal. I said okay, have the new car ready and I will come get. I get to the dealership and they take 2 hours to re-appraise my trade. Then when I get to the paper work part it was like starting from scratch, even though I had already prequalified and sent in all my information. 4 hours later we leave with a new car. However, our troubles really began after the sale. I told them when my next payment was due (10 days) and I was assured the trade would be paid off by then. 6 weeks later it was still not paid off. I had to make multiple trips (45 miles away) to get it resolved. The dealership was very apologetic and assured me it would never happen again. Like a trusting fool I reached out to them a month later to get my daughter a car.

I picked out the car online, gave them the purchase information, gave them an exact time of pick up, and expressed my expectations that the car and paper work would be ready to go when I got there and I could sign and drive. I was assured that would be the case. As you may have guessed it was not the case. Even without a trade I was in the dealership for 3 hours before we drove out.

Since we live so far away, I asked the tags be mailed to me, and I was told they would be. However, this took 5 attempts with emails and broken promises before I received the tags. And guess what? The car had no bracket to hold the front license plate. Meaning, I was sold a car that was not street legal as delivered. I asked them to send me a bracket and he said it did not come with the car but he would do me a favor and send me one. That was 9 weeks ago. I have had multiple emails with multiple dates of when the bracket would arrive, but still nothing. The last 3 emails have gone ignored by the internet sales manager.

Bottom line...... if you work at it you can get a good price, but they can't follow through on promises or post-sales actions. They could have had a customer for life who averages one car a year between family and business, but they blew it with me. I will not be back.

The little things count.