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Latest Saturn Dealer Reviews

Mazda of Mesquite - Mesquite, TX

On 6/28/2016 7:18:35 PM wrote:
Their service department is incompetent and management doesn't care. The last time they changed my oil, they forgot to reset the service indicator. They claim they always air your tires, but as I left the dealership my tire pressure indicator came on. My car has been in at least 5 times for the same problem (which it has had since new). Every time it happens again they tell me to bring it in. They either apply an update or tell me they can't reproduce it. Twice they said the service manager would call me about the issue but he never did. At no point have they tried to replace parts, add data logging or anything else. They just repeatedly waste my time and gas driving the car out to them. I tried getting Mazda corporate involved but they are just as useless. They act like they are doing me a favor by letting me bring the defective car they sold me to them.

I would not recommend a Mazda but if you must have one, stay away from Mazda of Mesquite.

Modesto Subaru - Modesto, CA

On 12/31/2015 7:56:12 PM wrote:
I found their ad and it was a good price on a used car.
Car had some minor obvious defects, loose side molding, worn tires so forth.
The tire wear was the first thing noted as California has laws regarding a dealer cannot sell a car with worn out tires. Mine were at the wear bars and less.
When I got home and tried to load CD's into the changer I noted that only one CD would load. The changer motor was weak. Then when playing the one CD for about 15 minutes the radio and defroster shut completely off. Apparently since Subaru made these 2 units into one, an error in one unit kills the other.
After about a week or two with no registration coming, the dealership called to tell me I had to bring the car back since the smog inspection they charged me for was never done. Since it is a 2 hour drive they agreed to refund the money they falsely charged.
Another week later they sent a separate check for overcharging my DMV fees.
When we road tested the car at the dealer the low tire pressure light came on. The car was sent into their shop while we did the paperwork for our purchase. The mechanic said it was just low pressures and declared it fixed. But on my way home the light began blinking. Turns out my tires were not only worn out but the light flashing was due to low battery power in the sensors at 2 of the wheels.
If I continue to think about it I'm sure more would come to mind.