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Latest Subaru Dealer Reviews

Evanston Subaru - Skokie, IL

On 1/17/2017 7:17:31 AM wrote:
Worst experience ever. Called to inquire about a car posted on the internet. Was told it was available. Didn't come right away, so I called again before we left the house. Was told it was still available. Omar took our phone number and said he would call if "someone moved on it" Gave him our phone number. But just to be safe I called and left a voicemail for Pepe to say we were coming. So we drove a half an hour to see it. Got there asked for Pepe who we spoke to originally. Waited 10 minutes to be told he was with a customer. OK...... got another salesman. He went off to get the keys......another 15 minutes. He came back and said the car wasn't available. Needless to say we weren't too happy. Then the sales manager yelled out from behind his desk. "Sell the car". So the salesman (think his name was Mark) said OK and we walked to the Service Dept. On the way there he says.."Oh there is a deposit on it" and shrugged his shoulders. WHAT? We asked, "Why are you showing a car that has a deposit on it? " He said don't worry about it....they'll just refund the guy. So we get to the car and there are people in it. Sales guy says Don't worry he's not buying it....they are using the car as a demo so they can compare a Ford's ride to a Subaru"'s. This car is on deposit to someone and they are still showing it and using it as a demo?? He then asked us to wait and see if this customer buys it. Wait..what? Didn't He just said he wasn't buying it? Well we decided to wait. The waiting room was horrible and dirty. 15 minutes later Omar comes back and says the car was sold. We should have gotten here earlier! Mind you we waited almost 25 minutes before we saw the car. Why weren't we told straight off that it wasn't available or that it had a deposit on it? They just wanted to get us in there to sell us something else. Isn't that a classic bait and switch??? Isn't that against the law?? Then......after we drove all the way home....Omar sends a text saying that the car is now available again. Really? We called back and got his voicemail....then we answered the text. No reply on either. That was a Saturday so we waited till Monday.....We called the dealer at 9:00 when it opened......was told the car is still available. Ate breakfast got ready to go out and I called again to make sure....because of what happened before. I asked for Omar, no answer, voicemail, asked for the Sales Manager, no answer, it just rang, no voicemail. Called back, asked for sales, got someone (he didn't offer up his name) he said the car had a deposit on it! When I replied, "Really? we literally just called. He barked out a YES! and hung up on me. Unbelievable! Here we go again. Thank God we didn't leave the house this time!! What a shady dealer! How many times are you going to sell and resell the same car? What about the man who had put down a deposit.....and they sold it out from under him initially? Will never go back there and believe me everyone I know will know what kind of business this is. Wish I had seen these reviews before I wasted a Saturday afternoon trying to buy a car from them.

Subaru of Jacksonville - Jacksonville, FL

On 1/17/2017 7:00:29 AM wrote:
Facilities - 10 0ut of 10
Hours 10
Amenities 10
Location 10
Friendliness 10
Inventory 10
Customer Ser 10
Salesman Frank Woods - 11
Administrative Anita Clarkson - 11

At no time did I feel pressured in my decision on automobile or by administration in closing. I feel I got a fair deal on both the vehicle price and on my trade in. All in all I would rate this as the best sales experience in automobiles I have had in my 79 years. Thank you Jax Subaru and especially Frank Woods.