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Latest Suzuki Dealer Reviews

DELLA Suzuki - Plattsburgh, NY

On 4/17/2014 6:44:38 PM ejkivl02 wrote:
In 2012 I purchased a vehicle from Della Suzuki in Plattsburgh, NY. At the time of purchase I inquired as to the history of the vehicle and was told that the previous owner traded the vehicle for a new Kizashi and was very pleased with it during the time he owned it. I also asked why the purchase price was moderately lower than the Blue Book retail price and I was told that the Plattsburgh area 'did not have much demand for a hybrid vehicle.' I was told by numerous sales staff during and post-deal that I would be much further ahead if I decided to re-sell the vehicle in the future.
Fast forward to 2014.
In April 2014, I expressed interest in two pre-owned vehicles in the Della dealership chain and had my car appraised for trade in value. The sales staff were 'shocked' to find that the vehicle had previous damage on a CARFAX report - the original owner had a front end collision that included air bag deployment and resulted in "structural" damage. Subsequently, I was offered $5000 and $8500 on a vehicle that has a NADA trade-in value of $10,800. I expressed my discontent with the manager, Ed Savage, on the telephone. He offered to have a sales staff call me back with an offer. The sales staff, Jason, then called me back the same evening and began an attempt to sell me a brand new Outlander Sport to the tune of $23,000 to "help me out of a bad situation" and "attempt to make things right." His words were, "if you like the vehicle, we'll make the rest work."
The following afternoon I went to the dealership and test drove the Outlander. While I did so, Jason put a couple offers on paper, both of which increased my current monthly payment by $125 and $175 respectively. I continued to voice my upset with the situation, expressing that I was sold a vehicle without full disclosure as to a jaded history, deceived as to the eventual re-sale value of the vehicle, and was then pushed into another deal in which I would have lost even more money.
That afternoon I called the dealership and spoke directly to Ed Savage, the General Manager, to attempt to get a clear picture of why I was still being sold vehicles that were not right for my needs at the moment. Ed was argumentative, combative, and continually interrupted me when I was trying to express my opinions and express feedback as to how I had been mistreated, deceived, and taken for more money than I care to count. When I expressed my thoughts of his and his staff's poor customer service performance, he interrupted me and stated paltry customer service ratings as a combative disagreement to my observations. After countless interruptions, I told Ed that I simply wanted to finish my thoughts and I would leave him alone and his words to me were: "That would be great, thank you."
If you are looking to purchase a new or used vehicle, I would not recommend the Della Auto Group. This sales team has left me very dissatisfied and disappointed with the auto buying experience.

Ganley Hyundai - Parma, OH

On 4/17/2014 6:38:17 PM Sweitz437 wrote:
Ganley Hyundai in Parma was the 3rd dealership we went to when looking for a new vehicle and I wish it would have been the first! When we walked in, Frankie Rodiguez greeted us and we got right to the point. He asked what we were looking for and within 20minute we picked out the car, took it for a test drive and settled on a price. The other dealerships it took over an hour just to get a clear answer on price, they want to beat the benefits in so they can explain why price is so high once they finally gave it to us. Here we didn't have that issue at all. Frank explained everything clearly and was very friendly and personable. We have had the car for almost a month and everything has been perfect! I would highly recommend Frank and Ganley in Parma!