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Cedar Rapids Toyota - Hiawatha, IA

On 4/18/2014 12:33:23 AM rjkay wrote:

Phillips Toyota - Leesburg, FL

On 4/17/2014 11:02:06 PM AlyshaBriscoe wrote:
Dealing with Phillips Toyota in Leesburg FL was anything but a joy. I had never purchased a car before, but my mother had. She helped me find a car that I (at first) didn't like, but it grew on me. She called the dealership and submitted all the paperwork online before we even drove over there because we didn't want to sit there for hours waiting to see if I was approved for a car loan. Days later we got a response back (after having to call multiple times to get the ball rolling) and I was approved. So, my mother and I drove to the dealership because the price online for the Hyundai Santa Fe was a great deal and I was already approved. The salesman that my mother had dealt with was named Mark Roberts and he was busy with another customer when we arrived (even though we called ahead) so we test drove it alone and I loved the Santa Fe. I was interested in two other cars and had left the dealership before turning around and leaving a $250 deposit to hold the car. The next day, we called two hours ahead of time and let Mark know that we were coming and that he needed to have all the paperwork ready for me to sign because we were going after my mother got off work. We didn't want to sit there for hours just to sign papers. We arrived two hours later and he hadn't even written out the information about the pricing for the car, dealer fees, etc. So, we had to waste time for him to fill the info and for me to sign it and then he tells me that he forgot that we needed a new title for the car. So, he had to rewrite and recalculate it. I was really starting to get annoyed because this is what I wanted to avoid. After I finally finished signing some of the paperwork, he says that he'll be right back. Ten minutes later, my mother and I have already gone to the vending machine for sodas and started walking around the inside of the dealership because he still wasn't back yet. We had been there for an hour by the time he came back telling me that I needed to be reapproved by the bank since he dropped the price of the car. Since when does the bank need to reapprove someone for a lesser amount of money? So, we would have to come back again tomorrow to sign more paperwork and then get the car. Not only was my mother furious that we just wasted over an hour for a car that we couldn't even get that day, but he tried to lie to us saying that it needed to be reapproved. We walked out. The next day, I get a phone call from Mark saying how I had been reapproved and everything was fine and we could come in and pick up the car after signing a few things. I didn't even call back. The next day, he calls again and wants to know if we still want the car. I decide that I'll get the car since I got such a great interest rate and I loved the car. And, once again, we tell Mark to have all the paperwork ready so we can just get the car and go. Unfortunately, it didn't work out like that. We had called an hour ahead (and apparently that wasn't early enough) and he was just getting off his lunch break and he had three pieces of paper ready for me to sign. None of which being the important paperwork. He then told us that he would be right back. This time, he actually came back in under five minutes, but that was because he just came by to tell us that the paperwork was being printed right now. How many times did we have to tell him to have the paperwork ready? At this point, not only was I annoyed, but my mother was furious. They actually got into an argument in the middle of the room. He didn't seem to understand why she was so upset. She tried to explain that we had told him to have all of this ready, but he just brushed it off saying how they don't print off paperwork ahead of time because they only print paperwork when customers are here. That's just ridiculous. At one point, he even insulted my mother and called her a "mean person" and that we didn't have to buy the car. What salesman doesn't want to sell a car? Then he mentioned that while we were signing the rest of the paperwork, he was going to go and put in a full tank of gas in the car. Why didn't he do this before we drove over there? Why did he wait until we were already here when we had called ahead? I was literally about two seconds away from just walking away. Luckily for him, the man who was printing out the paperwork was done and we didn't have to deal with Mark anymore. the man who had printed off the paperwork was very nice. He explained what the important information meant and was the only positive thing about Phillips Toyota (not including the car). After I had signed all the paperwork, I was all ready to leave with my first car. But, once again, we had to wait for Mark to come back from putting gas in the car. After he finally got back, he shook both our hands as if the argument hadn't even happened, but I guess he wouldn't care since we bought the car. I will never buy another car from Phillips Toyota again. I've never met a salesman that would yell in the middle of the show room at a customer. He probably still has a job there either because his boss doesn't know about how horrible he is or his boss doesn't care. Either way, I will never buy a car there again. They just lost the future business of a 23 year old. Good job Mark (can you sense the sarcasm?).