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Latest Used-Car-Dealer Dealer Reviews

MacNeil Motors - Martensville, SK

On 3/28/2017 4:03:34 AM wrote:
I don't normally even glance at used cars, but I noticed a car on the MacNeil Motors (Martensville SK) website - less than a year old with very low kms. So I had to at least take a look.
When I arrived at the dealership, I was taken into the big garage area and seated at one of their fold out dining tables with rental style bulk chairs... not a great first impression. The salesman came, and before I could even ask about the car - he starts a credit application! I let him know I was just there for a look at a particular vehicle, but he pushed the credit application and wanted to see my driver's license... which I produced, but shouldn't have. Credit app? Forget it!
For the second time I asked about the car. The "salesman" (term used loosely) pointed to the lot and told me to go take a look and "see if something interested me". Now I was getting irritated. Hadn't I asked already to see a specific car? So I headed out the door to find the car on my own... except it wasn't anywhere to be found on the property. I went back to my so-called salesman, and asked for the third and last time about the car I wanted to see. I was told to have a seat and he would be "right with me". I waited. By this time 45 minutes had passed, and I was no closer to browsing the phantom car than when I walked in!
Finally I had enough. 55 minutes and treated like crap... they could have offered me one of their vehicles for a hundred bucks and I would have told him where to stuff it. Back to my sales rep to retrieve my driver's license, which he was still walking around with. He says "I gave it back, didn't I"?
Okay, that's it. I let him know what I thought of this two bit mickey mouse operation, and in my opinion - while this car MAY have existed at one point, it most certainly no longer did... and they were nothing but BS artists. Done and out. 1 full lunch hour gone, and nothing accomplished.
Good riddance - and I will walk everywhere before I EVER darken the doorway of this bunch of bandits again.

Automaxx Of Summerville - Summerville, SC

On 3/28/2017 4:02:34 AM wrote:
I would be very carful if you shop here, the guy that's in the finance department that handles all your personal info is a felon. He has multiple charges for ID theft and credit card fraud. Shop at your own risk!