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Latest Used-Car-Dealer Dealer Reviews

Off Lease Only Miami - Miami, FL

On 1/27/2015 1:28:59 PM wrote:
I'll start off saying Wilfredo Novoa is the man! I just moved into the Miami area and was in search of a car. My co-workers sent me to Off Lease Only due to hearing good things. When I called, the first person to answer was Wilfredo. He was very easy to talk to and didn't pressure me in any way to come and buy a car. He let that decision up to me. I had a car in mind and found on the website exactly what I was looking for. Once I got there the car I wanted sold. Wilfredo though said not to worry but lets look around. To my surprise they had the same car if not better for the same price. Wilfredo then let me test drive it and hooked me up with a car I exactly wanted. This was the best experience to date I had while car shopping. I would recommend seeing Wilfredo if you want to buy a car. He goes out of his way to please and makes the experience enjoyable. (As it should) He stayed after hours to help me out and even help me navigate my way back to the hotel that I'm staying at, seeing I'm not from around here. Went over and beyond his call of duty! Grade A car salesman! Thank you

Sun Auto Warehouse - Cicero, NY

On 1/27/2015 1:27:50 PM wrote:
This is the 3rd car I've purchases from Sun. The first two experiences were great! This last one not so much. I applied online to speed up the process. I had a question on my trade in and was told that I would get a call back shortly. I waited all day and called when I got home from work because I hadn't heard back. The persons as gone for the day so I left a message. By the next afternoon I decided to call again, and left yet another message. I never got a call back. I wasn't very happy and seriously thought about writing them off but didn't. About a week later I went into the dealership and dealt with Jesse. I told him I was pretty open to whatever could get me in the payment range I needed. He offered two cars and I test drove both. One of them turned out to have major issues so was immediately taken off the table by Jesse. I felt very rushed but really needed to get out of my current vehicle so I signed the docs and was told they would see what they could do. I hadn't heard anything by 2 the next day so I called and after numerous texts and voicemails was told they didn't know yet and I felt like I was bothering him. The next day they told me they couldn't get the payments I needed without more down payment. That was back in November. I went in last week (jan) with a much larger down payment and was assigned to Jesse once again. I again asked which cars would fit and mentioned that I had noticed a Nissan sentra on the site. Well that's all it took for him to get the paper work ready and tell me I just needed to sign. I was quite shocked and asked if I could please see the car before I started signing anything. To say I felt unimportant and rushed would be an understatement. I was ready to walk out but my boyfriend talked me into being polite enough to actually test drive the car Jesse was pulling around for me. I fell in love with the car so I decided to deal with the rest against my better judgement. Well on delivery I was only given one key fob. I asked for another and was told "it's a used car and it only came with one. Sorry they are expensive you know." I said yea I know and that's why I want another one. He said they couldn't do it and I'd have to buy one. He said they are around $300. He mentioned that a guy came around that sells them cheaper and if I wanted he would check the price. I asked him to please check. He came back and told me that they would "share the cost" with me and I'd need to pay $120. I asked what the full cost was and with an attitude he said "$120". He apologized and told me they were only making $100 on the car so he couldn't help me. Well at this point I'm really not happy and have now overheard another customer telling a different sales rep that he would not accept being spoken to in such a condescending tone. To which the sales rep responded that it was his fault because he came in with an attitude to begin with. They ultimately got up and walked out. I'm not sure how long a business can last with that kind of customer service.