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Latest Volkswagen Dealer Reviews

Ontario Volkswagen - Ontario, CA

On 7/25/2016 3:10:11 AM wrote:
Jim's customer service was fantastic! He is a super star. My experience with Ontario Volkswagon was excellent. Even thought I live in Chino Hills, I definitely will be back. Thank you!

Amesbury Chevrolet - Amesbury, MA

On 7/25/2016 3:00:55 AM wrote:
I’m taking the time to write this review because every experience should be heard, good or bad. I wanted a new to me (used) pickup truck. I found a great 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE online at Amesbury Chevy with 32k miles on it. It was priced well, right at market value. It was advertised as a Certified Pre Owned as well. Which was great extending the bumper to bumper warranty another 12 months/12,000 miles. I called the dealership to see if the truck was still available. Adam Enxing said it was. I told him I could come in the next day and test drive it. I requested he texted me proof he had a title in hand. I’ve been deceived in the past by dealers who offered a car for sale, and wanted me to leave a deposit and/or sign a P&S, but they didn’t have the title in hand. Getting the title in the mail usually takes a few weeks up to 6 ! Kind of a crappy way to do business but not disclosing to the customer you technically can’t sell the car until the title comes in. Adam said they don’t play those games and he texted me proof of the title in hand right away.

I went to the dealership the next day and took it for a test drive. Adam disclosed there were 2 Recalls on the truck and that we could sign a P&S and leave a deposit, but the truck couldn’t be delivered until the recalls were fixed. I left a deposit and the recalls were fixed within a week of initially signing a P&S and leaving a deposit. It was frustrating having to wait. It wasn’t the dealers fault as the parts were back ordered because everyone in the country wants them. Adam followed up with me everyday with the status of where we were at. Brian Lehman the Business Manager was great. He said (and allowed me to put it in writing) if the truck wouldn’t be ready for delivery within a week they would refund my deposit (which obviously they would) and we could walk away friends. There was no pressure to finance with the dealership either as I explained I wanted to use my credit union.

When I arrived to the dealership to take delivery, everything was exactly the way it should be. Car detailed, registered with plates. A 2nd remote starter and key were made for me just like we agreed. The dealership was down to earth and I had a good experience. I would go back.