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Latest Volvo Dealer Reviews

Star Chevrolet Nissan Volvo - Greensburg, PA

On 10/5/2015 4:37:32 PM wrote:
I bought a truck here two years ago. I initially called and spoke to the salesman, Jason. I asked about two different trucks and was told what my payment would be roughly. He then told me about the special for 0% financing for 60 months, or $7,500 cash back. I went to Star Chevrolet in Greensburg and took one of the trucks for a test drive and decided to buy it, electing to go with the 0% financing option for the lower payment. When the paperwork came back, he showed me the price of the vehicle and ran through numbers to show me my payment was $400 more than we discussed. I would never held him to a ballpark figure, but we weren't in the same ballpark. He then showed me the finance charge would be 7.8%. I asked what happened to 0% financing? He told me not everyone qualifies for that. He said they could run it, but was I sure my credit was good? I said run it, if I don't qualify for 0%, I do not want to qualify for 7.8%. They came back and said okay we can give you 0% since your credit was good. Well, the payment will still no where in the same ballpark. He showed me my trade-in with a $5,300 Blue Book value, I was only being given $1,200. I asked why when I knew the Blue Book value and I was getting offered a minimum $4,500 from any other GM dealership. Jason told me the other dealerships were "fluffing" the numbers to make feel I was getting something for it. So basically he accused the 4 other GM dealerships of being dishonest. My garage kept 8 year old Impala with 71,000 miles on it was only worth $1,200. I told him he better start fluffing then and I better see a change in my payment. They still only gave me $4,300 on it. Payment was adjusted again, and we started walking through the numbers again. Sure enough, the payment was still not as close as I expected. Then he explained, my extended warranty cost, my "Star Chevrolet Safe and Sound" package, rust proofing, scotch guarding and interior care all added up to a few thousand dollars. None of these options were offered to me, they were just thrown on to my bill of sale. I said, take them all off, I asked for none of them. He argued with me that I was making a mistake. I stuck to my guns and made them remove the over $5,000 in add-on's without my consent. My payment was now in the ballpark of why I came to visit, but still a little higher, but I was okay. It wasn't until a few days later, that I realized they tried to nail me with 7.8% financing, they didn't even have the integrity to give me the $7,500 cash back. Although, my options through GM were either 0% financing, or $7,500 cash back. Star Chevrolet tried to offer me the third option of "None of the above!" This further had my blood pressure boiling. Start Chevrolet also advertises that all their vehicles include "Free Lifetime oil changes and state inspection." Well, that was the one charge I did not catch and they managed to screw me over. When they went over the numbers and showed me the "price of my vehicle", they didn't separate out the $990 they added on for the "FREE" live time oil changes and state inspection. At $990 that is a far cry from what it would cost me for oil changes and state inspections over a 10 year period for that matter. Other than I was there the last day of the month when I bought my Silverado LTZ and the 0% financing was ending day, I would have ran out of there. I will never by another vehicle from Star Chevrolet. Now the service department, I've only been going there to get my oil changed and state inspection. Of course every time, they come back with suggestions for other "routine" maintenance that should be done and always total upwards of $500. I just don't get it. They will try and screw me over at every opportunity they possibly can. I tell everyone I can to stay away from them. Worst buying experience, and worst service experience. The salesman truly fill the bill of the "cliche" trust of a used car salesman.

Smythe Volvo - Summit, NJ

On 10/5/2015 4:06:51 PM JudyTony wrote:
I live near Princeton and there are two dealerships that are closer to me than Smythe. But since I had such a good experience with the sales staff at Smythe I decided to make the 45 minute drive for service. I was assigned Nick Pavano as my Service Advisor. Nick was amazing! He explained everything carefully and stayed in touch with me throughout the process so I always knew what was going on. He took extra steps to make sure that the whole experience was as minimally disruptive as it could be. He even noticed that I had golf clubs with me and made sure to give me a loaner that would accommodate them. I didn't have to ask, he just took care of me. These steps are why I will always make the extra drive to get my car serviced at Smythe. And while I am sure that the entire service staff is excellent, I will request Nick again and again.