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Latest Yamaha Dealer Reviews

Kevin Powell Motorsports - Winston-Salem, NC

On 4/24/2017 11:37:28 AM bigbird389@gmail.com wrote:
I know every review has 2 sides to it, but please be warned. These people are crooks, and thieves. They are not honest or upfront about what you are buying or how you are financing it. Contracts are forged, your down payment is pocketed and not recorded and they will not help you after the sale. Doing business with KPMoto has got to be the worst financial mistake I have ever made. If you do decide to go , take someone you trust that does not like motorcycles with you. That way you have a reliable person holding you accountable, and your not dumb struck by the motorcycles. Dont drink the Crazy Kevin Powell cool aide. If you buy from KPMoto, you will soon understand why its called Crazy Kevin Powell.

Kevin Powell Motorsports - Winston-Salem, NC

On 4/7/2017 6:18:35 PM realjoshp0@gmail.com wrote:
The ad, the website, the radio are all lies. Everything I was ever told was a lie. The employees here do what they want. The car I test drove was making noises. Now they keep calling saying they have great news with no new offer. Take your time and money somewhere else.