This evening Ford launched the new 2021 F-150 pickup truck.

You know I've owned a number of them over the years and am a fan but ALSO an upcoming Tesla CyberTruck customer.

Here's my quick take on it...Exterior. 6.5, Interior 9.5, tech 9.5, drive assist 9.5, power on board 10, sleeper seats 10. I may still buy one but the regular GM trucks (Denali, not the silly Chevy one with the chrome bar) have a better face. Look 1. GM 2. RAM. 3. F-150. Truck i would buy, F-150. Maybe with different grills they didn't show and good wheels i will change my mind. But after seeing CyberTruck as weird as it is, the F-150 looks like something I'd recommend for my Grandfather.

Full 2021 Ford F-150 Photo Gallery

So there's my .02 but I KNEW it wouldn't take long for the SMACK talk to begin and the first would come from Elon Musk. Here is his simple tweet.

So what say you Spies? Are you surprised he's already dishing the tea? FORD tea.

2021 F-150 Launches And It DIDN'T Take Long For Elon Musk To Start Talking Smack. Popcorn Time..

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