Recently, I interviewed Christopher Hart, member and former Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, for the Autonocast podcast, and his insights into the consequences of automation are a beacon of clarity in a growing sector filled with misinformation.

In this article, Hart looks at the oft-ignored relationship between automation in aviation versus self-driving cars, and he makes many points—especially about data sharing—that the self-driving industry continues to ignore.—Alex Roy

Because more than 90% of the crashes on our nation’s streets and highways are attributed to driver error, the potential for automation in motor vehicles to save lives and prevent injury and damage is amazing. However, introducing automation into—and removing the driver from—such a complex human-centric environment will be a massive challenge. Commercial aviation began incorporating automation decades ago, in a much less complex and more structured environment than our streets and highways, and that industry, which is still learning about what works well and what does not, has not yet to remove the pilot. What are the lessons the auto industry can learn from the process of introducing automation into aviation?

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Automakers Ignoring Lessons Learned From The Airline Industry When Is Comes To Driving Automation

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