Bill Gates really shocked the world when he became one of the first super wealthy to not only buy the original Lexus LS400, but to laud about how much better he thought it was better than a German car.

Over the years I've met him a number of times during my Apple and other tech company days. Sometimes planned or randomly running into each other.

I was actually a little shocked when I took the family on a vacation to Seattle in 2006 and when we were leaving the hotel in the morning, he drove up in his GOLD LS400.

He got out said hi and we chatted for a few minutes and he said hi to the kids and then booked into his meeting in the hotel.

What was cool was he had NO security detail (that I could see) and drove up by himself just like a regular guy.

And I've always admired him even though I'm a former Apple guy because:

1. He's a class act and the real deal. Not all puffed up like many I've met like say the Ellison's of the world.
2. Hes done more charity to help people than virtually anyone on the planet.
3. He's an extremely competitive guy, especially with any tech comapnies that could somehow end up being a threat to his holdings.

And like with his LS400, he likes to sometimes make statements.

So when I heard in this interview that he got a Porsche Taycan and that it was his FIRST EV, I was a little surprised to say the least.

Surprised, because he is frugal sometimes and I would have thought he would be all over a Tesla. Then I got thinking, hmmmm, MAYBE in private he tried to buy Tesla and let's say maybe the two leaders locked horns.

THEN, my suspicions were heightened when Elon threw out a Trump-like DISS to him on Twitter saying..."My conversations with Gates have been underwhelming tbh".

So what say you Spies?

Why do you think Gates chose the Taycan over Tesla?

And is there a little catfight-like back story?

Spies, discuss...

Bill Gates Finally Gives Up His 1989 LS400 For A Taycan? And Musk Pulls A Trump-Style Tweet In Anger.

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