If you've never been involved in an automobile accident, consider yourself extremely lucky.

I, unfortunately, have experienced two incidents and let me tell you: Neither were fun. 

Perhaps if I had an accident with a Hollywood A-lister that would at least make for a good story.

For two Los Angeles-based guys, we're pretty sure they had a helluva story to tell when they got home to their families. That's because there was a three-car accident in the metropolis on Monday and it involved well-known actor Brad Pitt. 

Although the incident looked far less minor than Jimmy Kimmel's recent Sunset Boulevard run-in, Pitt still made sure to do the right thing and exchange information with the other drivers. All seemed copacetic as they took pictures of each other's documentation, shook hands and went about their business.

Now if only all fender benders could be handled with such grace.

So, the good news? From the pictures we're seeing, it appears none of the involved autos had significant damage. Hell, Pitt's Tesla Model S looks untouched. Nothing a body shop can't polish out, I suppose.

...Brad Pitt was involved in a three car fender bender on Monday.

The 54-year-old actor was spotted shortly after the minor crash in Los Angeles as he calmly exchanged information with the other two drivers.

The Oscar-nominated star was behind the wheel of his dark grey Tesla when the unfortunate incident occurred...

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Brad Pitt, Hollywood's Top A-lister, Gets Into A Three-car Fender Bender...And There's Good News!

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