These days it's tough to go one day without a bunch of coverage related to Tesla.

This is the simple reality, folks: It is the hottest automaker alive today.

These are the vehicles people want to know about. And, obviously, many investors — institutional and retail, alike — have a vested interest in the company's performance whether it's good or bad.

That said, the best electric vehicles from the traditional automakers are starting to emerge. And it's happening at the most interesting time.

Tesla is just starting to hit its stride with Model 3 production.

While electric vehicles like the Ford Fusion Energi and Nissan Leaf exist, they're just not enough to go toe-to-toe with Tesla. Although Agent 001 and I laugh at the mere thought of someone comparing a Chevrolet Bolt to a Tesla Model 3, it is actually happening — what matters most is how many miles can be achieved with a charge. Sales of the Bolt were up when Model 3's were still being figured out at the factory.

One of the latest EVs to make a splash is the all-new Jaguar I-Pace, which is rumored to be a Tesla killer. At least that's what our friends are telling us that have driven it. But, are they right?

Autocar weighs in, below.

...Those who feared the all-electric future towards which we are inexorably moving would result in people pods of no discernible character or intrinsic desirability should be much encouraged by the I-Pace. For the truth is that in the absence of a conventional engine, design and driving dynamics become not less but far more important than ever. The I-Pace recognises this fact and delivers on the imperative behind it and, on the way, should help change not only the way we think about electric cars but Jaguar too. And for a brand that has struggled with its image for far too long, for those who love the British motor industry that could just be the best news of all.

1st - Jaguar I-Pace: Europe’s first long-range premium electric car gets it right first time. Looks like a Jaguar should, drives like one too

2nd - Tesla Model S: Still impressively capable given its age, but quality is variable and chassis not close to the standard now set by Jaguar...

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CAR WARS! EVs Battle To See WHICH Is The BEST Of The BEST — Is Jaguar's I-Pace REALLY A Tesla Killer?

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