In the automotive hall of fame there has to be a wing dedicated to the likes of mid-engine supercars.

These vehicles tend to be on the exotic side and, if I am honest, in my exploits mid-engine cars always offer up the most thrill.

And, once and a while, they can shock you with their ease of use as well as daily driver duty.

In 2015 the Porsche Cayman GT4 was unleashed globally and every enthusiast's heart beat a touch faster. Problem is there is no where near enough supply to meet demand.

Our friends at Autocar recently asked a great question though. Even though the Cayman GT4 is the vehicle to have today, how will it hold up over time in the mid-engine consideration set? When you think of two other mid-engine vehicles that are "greats," will the GT4 hold a candle to them?

Well, only one way to find out.

That means our British friends got access to an NSX as well as a F355 to see how they stacked up to the Cayman. This is one of those very cool reads that the big publications does, so, feast your eyes by clicking "Read Article" below.

Or, you can just scope out the two snippets below and save yourself some time. Up to you, really!

...And so it happens that the £65,000 you might have spent on a Cayman GT4 (if only dealer supply permitted) would also buy you either the Honda (the latest, lowest-mileage NSX you could find, probably) or the Ferrari (provided you’d be happy with a ?left-hook F1). But that’s by the ?by. What we want to know is whether the Cayman GT4 feels like it’ll leave as big a mark on history as either ?of its running mates. It’s good. But ?it is that good?...

...In 20 years, if the Cayman does make it into the sports car hall of fame, it’ll be that delicate, flattering balance of adjustability and leniency that we’ll remember most fondly, I think. Nothing but a Cayman has struck it sweeter. And yet it doesn’t drive away from this contest having shone the brightest, or having made the greatest impression...

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CAR WARS! Will Porsche's Cayman GT4 Have The SAME Lasting Power As Other Mid-Engine Greats Like The Acura NSX And Ferrari F355?

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