To me it seems like the Porsche Cayenne has been due for a replacement.

We've seen all-new sport-utility vehicles arrive but the second-gen Cayenne, while a nice vehicle, just seems dated in comparison.

It's not so much the environment.

Rather it's the transmission as well as the chassis. It results in a rather dull performer that feels like it's a tank. Of course, for off-roading and towing, this isn't a bad thing. Just sub optimal if you want to drive the SUV around town. 

Considering that's where most buyers pilot their Cayenne, we're eager to see what the third-gen Cayenne is all about. With competitors angling for market share, it's going to get very interesting very soon.

Check out Autocar's verdict below and let us know if you're digging Porsche's all-new identity that's pervading its four-door cars. Are you a fan of Porsche leaning towards producing more luxurious products, or this a path the brand shouldn't be walking on? 

What say you, Spies?

Should I buy one?

Even so, there is a broader point to make here, the point about what this car says about the Porsche brand. And, to me, it adds further evidence to that already provided by the new Panamera: that Porsche wants to be considered as much for the luxury look and ambience of its five-door cars as its sporting endeavours. For the Cayenne, this also make a virtue out of the necessity to move up and away from the Macan. More than ever, the Cayenne in general and the Turbo in particular is a car for those who’d like to buy into the image of a Porsche but not the traditional feel. They want to be seen in a Porsche, but don’t necessarily want one that drives like a Porsche. That’s why the engine is so much quieter, the ride is so much better and the handling even more capable but less involving.

It’s a sensible trade-off to make. I might lament the slight softening of its stance but, in a world of SUVs, it’s probably more important to be effective than entertaining and, point to point, the Cayenne Turbo is the most effective full-sized SUV I’ve ever driven. So long as the profits it makes continue to mean Porsche remains able to invest in engineering world-class drivers’ machines as well, I for one will not be complaining.

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