Audi is a funny brand.

While I've thoroughly enjoyed some of the manufacturer's products, others not so much. Take, for example, the last-gen RS5.

I found it heavy, undramatic and lacking real panache. Sure, its high-revving V8 sounded good but aside from that there wasn't much really going for it aside from its gorgeous good looks.

So, now what?

Well, the all-new RS5 is here and our friends at Evo had a go in the car. As one of the few outlets that doesn't pull punches and has no problem dolling out the truth, we always look forward to their reviews.

The verdict? Well, see for yourself, below.

...Despite all this, you never really feel fully engaged in the process. There’s no real finesse involved in attacking a series of corners; simply turn the wheel, bury the throttle and let the transmission do the rest.

And while the steering is quick, accurate and naturally weighted, it lacks any real feedback. The Audi RS5 isn’t as throttle adjustable as its rivals either, meaning you have fewer options into and out of corners. Carry a little too much speed into a bend and you get mild understeer, which can be cancelled out by lifting off. However, try and tighten the car’s line with a little more throttle, and the Audi washes even further wide.

You shouldn’t let these issues distract you from the fact that dynamically, the RS5 is a vast improvement over its predecessor. And as ever with quick Audis, its ability to safely and securely cover ground at an alarming rate in all weathers is unrivalled.

Although it's an all-new Audi that's certainly getting better at the high-performance thing, it's clear it is still not a BMW M4 beater. I reckon though it is a much better-suited grand tourer, which was what made the last-gen RS5 so good. It felt like a discount Bentley Continental GT V8 S.

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DRIVEN: So, Does The All-New Audi RS5 Get Rid Of Age-Old Audi Problems OR Is It Same 'Ol, Same 'Ol?

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