At this point I am sure there's a handful of people who have commented saying "Hey, 00R, why SO many Tesla stories?"

Well, if you haven't been paying attention, yesterday was one of the most critical days for Tesla.

And, this is important for several reasons. Chiefly, it is one of America's most innovative companies at this time — not for the reasons you think. Secondly, the Model 3 has around 400,000 hand raisers who put down $1,000 of their hard-earned cash for a spot to buy one. We want to provide them with details about the car they've been — and will be — waiting for. Thirdly, one could argue that the Model 3 is so far the most anticipated automobile of the 21st century. This is the company everyone is buzzing about whether its grandma or a millennial colleague.

So, you've seen the official details and you've seen the presentation. Like me you must be wondering about the most important thing to enthusiasts: How does this thing drive? Some reviews have dropped and while I am sure people will be inclined to read Motor Trend's review, I wanted one from an off-beat publication that may be a bit more objective.

See below for a couple excerpts and click "Read Article" below to read the full banana.

I felt like I was driving in an Eames chair. That was my first impression as I climbed into the driver’s seat of the Tesla Model 3 at the Fremont Factory on Friday afternoon. It took a moment to orient myself — no gauges, no speedometer, no airplane cockpit cues. Instead, one continuous smooth line between myself and the road ahead, offset by natural, unfinished wood. The premium model of the Model 3 caught me off guard. After hearing so much hype about this car, I was surprised that my first reaction was a profound sense of delight. It wasn’t bland, nor sterile, nor cheap feeling. Here was something different. Here was an exercise in minimalism. Here was the car Elon Musk promised to make 14 years ago...

...Cornering was decent, and when I turned the wheel, I saw no sign of understeer. I made only right turns, and most of the roads that I drove on were crowded with other cars or construction, so I wouldn’t describe my experience as a conclusive test drive, but what I walked away with was a glimpse into what Tesla is thinking..

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DRIVEN: So, What Is The Tesla Model 3 REALLY Like? FIRST Drive Of The Most Anticipated Car In A LONG Time

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