You didn't think I'd give it away that easily, did you?

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is quickly starting to grow that mythological status that comes with great cars.

Simply reading the statistics on paper or in a press release will probably make some folks' minds explode. I think that's what happened when The Detroit News' Doug Gunthrie got behind the wheel of the mighty German.

I mean, read this quote:

It was while considering the enormous complexity and sophistication of the new headlights that I realized I was looking at another lifestyle, another world. If one of these headlights breaks, it will cost a fortune to fix. But the people who buy the S-Class have fortunes.

Of course he goes on to give the vehicle an "excellent" rating and claims that the suspension is "like magic." Though I don't wish to throw daggers but when I read a review that largely is a press release and refrains from any true critique it makes me wonder two things:

1) Is the vehicle that good?

2) Is this guy/gal qualified to review the auto?

Hopefully we'll find out soon enough provided Mercedes ends its temper tantrum after those spy photos.

Mercedes-Benz describes the all-new 2014 S-Class full-size luxury sedan as “the best car in the world.” After driving the S-Class from this bustling Canadian metropolis to a remote area near Georgian Bay, I don’t think it’s a statement I can argue with. I’ve never driven or ridden in a quieter, more comfortable or more technology-infused machine.

Even a question posed by Hermann Storp, development director of the S-Class, seems moot. “Who’s luckier, the driver or the back seat passenger?” he asks.

Both. This car is built without compromise for the price-is-no-object crowd...

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