When it comes to car videos, I have to say that there's only several individuals I can watch and not get sick.

For whatever reason, most presenters talking cars are overtly smug, douchey and, frankly, not all that good at talking about them.

But they're out there!

Thing is having done this for so long I've been able to find who's actually good at this whole enchilada. One of the greats is Harry Metcalfe. Similar to Jeremy Clarkson, he has a booming voice, and his automotive know-how is really unparalleled. The best part about Metcalfe is that he's an owner and his collection features autos with character. And the best part is how Metcalfe indulges his viewers in great detail about each vehicle.

While he snapped up a 911 (930) Turbo not too long ago, it turns out he actually didn't like it all that much after driving it a bit. So, he traded it and put some dollars in his pocket, by getting into a modified 911 (993) Turbo. Because its modified, it actually lost a bit of its value. The cool thing, however, is that it was modified to be a wannabe 993 GT2.

It's not like GT2s are sitting on every corner, so this is as close as one can get without paying the rididculous price they're listed at.

I won't give away the gems in this clip but I suggest you give it a watch and check out the cool things about this particular 993.

Starting life in 1995 as a regular 993 turbo, this car underwent a transformation in a German workshop around 4 years ago into the 'GT2 evo' reviewed here. Still 4WD but now sporting a GT2 Evo look and around 500bhp, it's a serious bit of kit.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Harry Metcalfe Gives Us A Proper Tour Of His Latest Purchase, A Porsche 911 (993) Turbo

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