So, to be completely straightforward, I have zero interest in the all-new M2 Competition.

While I do suspect this is probably the M2 that should have been delivered all along, I do think the standard M2 is closer to the purity I seek.

That's because it had analog gauges, a simple dashboard, good looking wheels and a great soundtrack. Now, all of that is lost.

But, boy, there's a lot to be gained. Proper M side view mirrors, the motor from the M3/M4, M3/M4 front seats, bigger brakes and slight tweaks to make it even more of a beast.

And, according to Autocar's Matt Prior, it just has made it the sports car to buy. See the full review, below, and let us know if you agree.

The BMW M2 Competition is a more hardcore, more driver-focused version of a car that was already quite hardcore and driver-focused. The M2 is BMW's compact sports hatch. It's fast, agile, grippy and is the kind of car to rival Porsche's 718 Cayman.

For our money, the Cayman retained the edge over the M2, owing to the fact that - although it has a wheezy-sounding four-cylinder engine - the Cayman was better to throw at a set of corners.

The M2 Competition (which, effectively, just replaces the M2) sets out to change that, though. With a new engine straight out of the M3 and M4 (albeit marginally detuned) and with a new suspension set up, it aims to knock the 718 off of its smug class-topping perch.

Join us as we take the M2 Competition onto the Ascari race track and the excellent roads surrounding it, to see what the car is made of.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Has BMW Created The ULTIMATE MONSTER? All-new M2 Competition Reviewed On/Off Track

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