You know, one of the automotive industry's most intriguing vehicles is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

No, it's not the most staggering vehicle on Earth but there's something to be said for it.

That's because it boasts a helluva personality. And if there's one takeaway from the 1990s cult classic Pulp Fiction, it's that personality can go a long way.

From its distinctive look to the way its doors shut to the tuned, meaty V8 exhaust note to its off-road capability, the G-Class has a lot going for it.

The problem with the previous generations is that, well, it didn't drive great. You could get the exact same driving experience in a Jeep Wrangler and keep a whole lot of money in your bank account or working in the markets.

To me, this all-new G may be the change that makes this three-pointed star-boasting truck finally whole. Although I am sure some folks want that truck-like ride, it could use some refining.

So, has Mercedes delivered? See below...

This is the all-new Mercedes-AMG G63! While the outer design remains true to the original 1979 G-Class, once you take a seat inside you’ll see just where the G-Wagon has developed, with an incredibly high-tech interior dominated by two large infotainment screens! But that retro exterior style & modern interior doesn’t come cheap, with a six-figure price tag as standard! So is it really worth the cost? Join Mat in his latest review to find out!

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, What's The All-new Mercedes-AMG G63 REALLY Like?

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