For the past handful of years, we've been keeping an eye on the latest tech wars being fought in the interiors of the latest and greatest autos.

Finally, it seems, autoamkers are starting to realize that their homebrewed software and hardware systems are essentially obsolete when compared to the most cutting edge mobile devices.

So, what do they surrender to? That would be Apple's all-new CarPlay that's been making some noise as well as Android Auto, which has also had some buzz.

BUT, what does that really mean?

Our friends at Consumer Reports decided to take both for a spin to see which all-new system was better at integrating everything that's on your phone onto a car's headunit.

While CR used a Volkswagen Jetta with an aftermarket headunit, we think this is still a pretty relevant test. That said, check out the pros and cons of each system and what that may mean for your future behind the wheel.

Consumer Reports' car and tech experts break down the strengths and weaknesses of the two new infotainment systems during a coffee run. They tackle everything from navigation to hands-free texting.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: What's REALLY Better? Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

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