The Honda Civic has been a best-selling vehicle for many years now.

But, it wasn't because they were brilliant machines. 

Previous generations of the Civic are best described as super reliable appliances. If you were looking for a ride that was fun, the Civic was the furthest from ideal; however, if you did want something reliable, this was an excellent choice. 

Fast forward to today. The Civic has an all-new look with quite a bit of swagger, the company's reliability has faltered but I am seeing way more Civics than ever. So, what's the deal?

Having driven a 2000 Civic Coupe EX, I can tell you that I know a thing or two about its lineage. And, boy, the new Civic is a massive step in the right direction. It's not perfect but what is these days?

Where there is a significant amount of improvement is in the vehicle's driving dynamics. It's actually fun to push around country roads. As an added bonus, the interior is a step up from what I've seen in previous-gen Hondas. Clearly, someone is paying attention.

For a greater look into the new Civic, check out this review by our friends abroad at CarWow. Note: They're driving the hatchback variant.

This is the new Honda Civic. It's certainly one of the most eye-catching designs in its class, but does it have what it takes to compete with rivals like the Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen Golf? I try to find out as a take a look around the cabin, find out how practical it is and take it for a drive.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Why The NEW Honda Civic Is WAY Better Than The Past SEVERAL Generations

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