It only seems like yesterday I was writing up a brief story about Top Gear getting into trouble in Argentina for what the natives thought was a reference to the Falklands War.

After being rushed out of the country by particularly pissed Argentineans, it seems like the crew took its show elsewhere.

Now filming in Australia, Jeremy Clarkson sent a tweet noting that he was driving with a beer in the vehicle's cupholder.

This isn't a first time, as I specifically recall during the Top Gear Polar Special Clarkson making a point to mention that James May and he were drinking and driving — I believe they were technically in international waters at that point though.

While there hasn't been any backlash from the BBC, there was a bunch of criticism coming from the likes of social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. Yikes.

We like to think Clarkson wouldn't be so silly to do such a thing but he was simply being controversial because that's his job, essentially. Hopefully this doesn't end his career as he's been on "thin ice" for quite some time with the BBC now.


The 54-year-old Top Gear star, cruising in Australia, tweeted: "One of the best drives of my life. Gravel road. M6. Sun going down. iPod playing Blind Faith. Beer in cup holder."

He was immediately under fire, accused of a casual attitude towards drink-driving.

Clarkson and his co-hosts from the BBC show are in Australia's Top End, in the northern territory, filming a Top Gear special.

He did not suggest he was drinking the ale, but was heavily attacked on Twitter and Instagram.

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Did YOU Hear That? It Was The Sound Of Jeremy Clarkson Stirring TROUBLE While Filming Top Gear, Again!

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