With pretty much any automotive forum out there, there are scores of fan boys that refuse believe anything other than the official company propaganda and countless trolls spouting conspiracy theories and plots to seemingly overthrow the industry.

   Typically these two remain at odds locked in an eternal battle that leaves you shaking your head.

But every once in a while the two merge can into a fanboy troll like menace that makes you shake your head in disbelief.  Our friends over at ChaTesla have spawned their very own super troll that is chewing up user questions and spitting them back in almost fake news fashion.  The narrative here is that Tesla can do nothing wrong and that it must be your fault if you are not happy.

Note just one of the many examples below:

Dear A Total Prick From A Tesla Forum,
My Model X is one year old and I’ve noticed several stone chips on the front clip which have actually taken off a lot of paint and to be honest my car looks kind of bad up close. I’ve contacted Tesla and they say this is natural wear and tear but my previous car, a BMW, did not suffer this issue even after five years. Should I keep complaining?
Gary, NY

A Total Prick From A Tesla Forum replies…
Hi Gary. Welcome to the forum. Let me ask you once thing; do you even understand what a Tesla is? It’s clear to me you have no idea how to use this vehicle and these claimed “stone chips” are as a result of your failure to appreciate the sophistication and intelligence of Tesla engineering. Have you considered that you may be more suited to BMW ownership. You seem like that kind of guy and your failure to comprehend the unique nature of your Tesla is highly indicative of that. Peace out!

Wow! Given the fact you are the best and brightest minds on the internet, We have to ask, what would you say to put this guy in his place?

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Disappointed With Your Tesla? Well It's YOUR Fault Not Theirs!

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