It's that time of the year again.


Not only are the kiddies awaiting the fat man to come through the chimney to leave them gifts, parents are slugging it out at the local stores trying to acquire presents. On top of that, businesses are looking at their successes and failures while determining 2018 budgets. 

Oh, and automotive publications are figuring out the best and worst of 2017. 

The folks at Autocar just announced their favorite driver's car of the year and, frankly, it really came down to two: The Porsche 911 GT3 as well as the McLaren 720S. Both are tremendous vehicles but, as usual, only one can be king.

So, who took the "W?" See below, Spies.

Do YOU agree with the verdict? For detailed results, click over.

...In my eyes, there’s still nothing that can quite touch the 911, and this 911 in particular, for sheer entertainment on both road and circuit. That a 720S is faster isn’t in doubt. That it steers magically, rides brilliantly and is ergonomically set up ideally for fast road and circuit driving is beyond question.

But that the Porsche is better than it as a driver’s car by all useful yardsticks is also, to my eyes, ears, hands and feet, obvious. While the 720S is busy trying to be the supercar with hypercar pace that you can use on a bumpy circuit and road, the 911 is unencumbered by trying to (a) create and (b) deploy the 217bhp that separates them, and I suspect that helps make it better...

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