I'm always fascinated at companies and how they market in tough times and during a crisis.

Within minutes of this Covid-19 pandemic, they haven't wasted any time going live with the 'we're here for you.' messages.

We have the ad here from Cadillac but in their defense they are all starting to roll them.

And as I watch them, I think WHO on earth truly believes THEY have our backs? How, exactly do they have them.

By how much better they think we'll all feel with that new vehicle in the driveway knowing we just signed our names to an EIGHTY-FOUR month, zero percent loan?

I can just imagine hearing the marketing people who make these envisioning customers saying things like...Wow, I am SO blessed. Four people on my street are in the hospital and I'm driving a NEW Escalade and because GM has my back, I have 84 months to pay it back. And if I lose my house, at least I have my Caddy to live in!

We are living in strange times friends...chime in and give us your opinion on the subject...

Does ANYONE Believe These 'We Have Your Back During The Crisis' Ads And WHY Do Companies Go That Route?

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