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Friday was the official delivery date for the first iPhone X smartphones.

For those who prefer revolution to evolution this was a highly anticipated event. Apple claimed it was the FUTURE of the smartphone.

Let me preface the review with full disclosure and let you know I'm a former Apple employee — Technical Advisor to the President, Canada. But even though I root for Apple, you all who read my opinions on know that I NEVER hold back my true opinions, good or bad. Whether I like a company or not.

iPhone X Sample Shots / SEMA Show Gallery

And based on what I do now as a car, model and lifestyle photographer, I think you'll find my review of iPhone X one of the most practical and valuable.

So rather than wax on with pages of bloviating text let me just give you the bottom line and show you the sample shots for your viewing pleasure.

Remember, my opinions are based on the things I look for, like and dislike based on what I shoot for a living.

What I like (not in order of preference):

1. Fastest phone you've ever used. The new chipset blows everything else away. BY A MILE! See something that you need to shoot quick? No phone has the reaction time. Virtually instantaneous for all operations.

2. Face recognition unlock is flawless in my testing and it is so good/weird, it will freak you out and make you think you're in a science fiction thriller.

3. NO smartphone camera has ever taken pics this good. Not even Google Pixel 2. Detail is Leica-esque. And if you read Auto Spies regularly you know how much I like Leica lenses and how finicky I am. Remember, photos on websites are compressed so the quality you will see will be even better.

4. Form factor in your hand is much nicer than the Plus. Loved my Plus but it was simply too big for my hand. Was too easy to fumble when trying to get fingers to the edges. The iPhone X is the perfect size for my hand.

5. The buttonless system is way better. I never liked clicking the home button because it never reacted as fast as I wanted. It didn't feel good on click either.

6. Screen is the best OLED out there and the new True Tone feature for display brightness really reduces eye fatigue for those who use the screen alot. Like me.

7. Battery lasts WAY longer than my 7+. By 4:00-5:00 p.m. my plus was done and now I can go a whole day.

8. The animated emoji's are the stupidest things ever. I love them. ;)

What I DON'T like (not in order of preference):

1. The photo frame when you shoot a pic is smaller than the Plus and is harder to compose your shot than before.

2. The top and bottom areas are using up valuable screen real estate when using apps, so usable space is less than on a Plus.

3. Wish there were better case color choices. BORING.

4. I have about 10 email accounts and when I choose mail in iOS 11 it takes about 20 seconds before it displays my mailbox. Hopefully, there will be a software fix soon.

5. Wish there was a 512GB storage choice. I take A LOT of photos and video.

6. When are they going to update iPhoto? Google Photos is my go-to choice. Blows iPhoto away.

7. It's expensive, but it IS worth the money in my opinion. Outside of a Pro DSLR, there is no need to own a small digital camera anymore. The X is THAT good.


No question, Apple finally delivered some revolution vs. evolution. The competition has now been left behind again but if I were Apple I would definitely not rest on my laurels. If I ran the company, every year the mandate would be make as much change as the X has brought on each future reveal.

**Special thanks to David in San Diego for letting 001 shooting his 718 Boxster!

iPhone X Sample Shots / SEMA Show Gallery

EXCLUSIVE! iPhone X Review And Gallery — A Car And Lifestyle Photographer's Opinion

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