Once and a while we see something SO crazy, we can't help but share it with you.

Now there are gearheads and then there are folks that just bleed oil. The boys and girls over at MKO GmbH clearly are of the latter demographic. How do I know?

Well, the organization's latest project certainly proves my point. That's because it went through what must have been an incredibly painful exercise. It took a 1970s E9 CS body and fitted it over an E39 M5's drivetrain.

Yes, you read that correct.

This isn't just an engine swap. This is the whole drivetrain. And an extra bonus, the dash, center stack and center console were kept from the E39 as well. Essentially, it's a Frankenstein car.

While we're sure people will have a heaping of criticism, one thing's for sure: this was a Herculean effort and we applaud the folks over at MKO GmbH for their work.

**To see MORE information on the build, check out the FULL story via the "Read Article" link below!

Gargantuan Resto-Mod Project: Classic BMW E9 CS Body Fitted Over E39 M5 Drivetrain

Everyone is going to have a differing opinion on what they would have done different to individualize this BMW CS/M5 resto mod build by MKO GmbH to their own personal taste, but surely all those vested in the dialog will have to agree that the overall end result is absolutely lethal. In a good way. Sure, some would have opted to leave the original vintage interior in it, and/or have chosen more sedate period correct looking wheels, however it might help to know some vital facts before drawing your own conclusion…

You see, what we have here is an original early 70′s BMW CS body that was crafted over an existing E39 M5 chassis and drivetrain, compete with 6 speed manual, so this was not exactly “just” an engine swap situation we got going here.

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EXTREME BMW Makeover: A Restomod E9 CS Like You've NEVER Seen Before

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