It seemed completely stupid when we first saw it.

General Motors decided to take on the all-new Ford F-150 not with a better product, but with ads putting aluminum versus steel. Why is that stupid? Well, it's the oldest marketing trick in the book to name and shame your opponent, however, when it is inevitable that GM will make use of aluminum to save weight it's just silly.

And here we are, not long after, with an announcement that the company is making a HUGE investment to retool its plants for aluminum construction in its very popular pick-up trucks and sport-utility vehicles.

What say YOU, Spies?

Does GM look STUPID for putting aluminum versus steel now that it is shifting towards aluminum construction?

**Click "Read Article" below to read more about General Motors' all-new investment into its Flint plant.

...The Flint investment is part of a plan to expand three U.S. truck plants to install new assembly lines, body welding shops and paint operations for future generations of Silverado pickups and SUVs such as the Chevrolet Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade, while still running the operations that build current models...

...People familiar with the company’s plans say GM's next-generation pickups and SUVs will make use of various materials, including aluminum and lightweight steel, to shed weight and gain fuel efficiency to meet tougher federal standards. Assembling the new vehicles will require substantially different equipment than the tools GM uses today...

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GM Investing Nearly $900 Million To Overhaul Its Flint Plant To Produce ALUMINUM Pick-Up Trucks And SUVs — Does It Look STUPID After Rallying Against Aluminum?

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