General Motors hasn't exactly been on a roll lately with its latest advertising campaigns.

According to what we've seen and heard, some of the most cringe-inducing ads are coming from GM right now.

You know, the spots where they bring in "customers" and show them debadged Chevrolets and ask the "customers" what kind of vehicle they think they're in. While GM may have thought that getting aggressive would open people's eyes, it's actually infuriated them. That's because buyers aren't stupid and aren't going to confuse a Malibu with an Audi.

It seems like this old dog is up to new tricks.

Since the launch of the aluminum Ford F-150, GM has made a point to point out the metal's perceived weaknesses. The reality is that their comparisons are a bit...desperate.

The two latest videos released compare the Silverado and F-150 against each other in a serious of tests. Dropping bricks into the truck bed, banging around a toolbox, etc. The Silverado's steel is considered more durable and proclaimed the winner.

But as most YouTube commenters point out, these tests are 1) not realistic; and, 2) any buyer using their truck for heavy duty purposes would get a bed liner to protect the bed from life's happenings.

So, we have to ask: Is GM EMBARRASSING itself in its latest round of attacks against the Ford F-150 OR is Chevrolet onto something here?

We compared the roll-formed, high-strength steel bed of the Chevy Silverado to the aluminum bed of the Ford F-150. See how they held up.

See what happens when we dump a load of blocks, and a toolbox into the roll-formed, high-strength steel bed of a Chevy Silverado pickup truck and the aluminum bed of a Ford F-150. See how they held up.

Is GM EMBARRASSING Itself With Its Latest Round Of ATTACKS On The Ford F-150 And Aluminum? Chevrolet Silverado Comparo Leaves Us Wondering...

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