There are so many ways to customize your favorite vehicle but in all honestly most of them are the usual suspects that won’t truly make it unique.

Case in point: my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

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Wherever I go I see people upgrading the suspension, adding off-road lights, roof racks, better wheels, tires, etc.

But when it’s all said and done, although those mods are all welcome, they don’t make it one of one.

So, I asked myself, "How can I find something that NO ONE else has that IMPROVES the look of my Jeep and helps me take it to the next level?"

Not easy. Just go try it.

But never fear friends, Agent 001 has found THE way to make your baby one of one.

And our friends at Katzkin Leather helped us knock this one out of the park!

When I bought my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara there was only one in stock in Southern California configured the way I wanted it.

Only issue: it did not have leather seats.

No worries, the Sahara cloths seats were cool so I went with it.

AND, i saved $1,300 balloons.

When I told my friend at Katzkin leather in LA I got my Jeep she said why don’t you have us put in a leather interior?

I told her I appreciated the offer, but I’m THAT guy who thinks that ANYTHING non-factory isn’t up to snuff.

She then said go to  our website and figure out what configuration you want — there are hundreds of choices, maybe thousand — and I ASSURE you that you won’t feel that way when we’re done.

I took a look and dang, they looked pretty damn good and much unique than the factory Jeep offerings.

I made my choice and set up an appointment to head to Katzkin and get it done.
Then I got a little jingle form the Head Designer, Dave O’Connell. While on the phone I told him I like the factory Sahara embroidered logo in the stock seats and could Katzkin do that or place the Jeep logo on my seat backs.

He said, "001, we’ll put WHATEVER logo you want there."

Dead silence, iPhone drops from my hand onto the floor, i pickup and I say, "WHAT? ANY logo?"

"Yes, ANY logo."

"Even our Print magazine award-winning Auto Spies logo?"

"Yessir…send me the file and I’ll do a mockup for you."

Ok, now I’m TOTALLY sold.

But WAIT, how much EXTRA is it for the logo and how much more than the FACTORY leather is this going to cost?



Sounds TOO good to be true….bet it won’t be as nice as the factory leather but what the hell, I’ll give it a try.

Because they offered to do it for free just to show me HOW good their work is.

Now, if you’re an reader you know that no amount of $$$ will EVER influence our opinions. That honesty is what built this site.


So I showed up at Katzkin Leather headquarters somewhere southeast of LA where you don’t want to be at night and brought the Jeep in for its makeover.

Now if you want this done they have a network of dealers all over the country that can have you rolling in a new leather interior within 48-72 hours of you customizing your choices on their website.

NOT KIDDING. Their operation is amazing. Check the Katzkin website for a dealer near you.

But I will tell you I am really glad I went to the factory. Not only to see the operation, but to be blown away by the quality, speed and pride of the company's workmanship. You'll see it in my photos and when you look at the detail in the seats.

I showed up at 9:00 a.m. and by lunch not only was it done but I now had THE most unique Jeep Wrangler seats I’d ever seen.

And remember I was worried about the quality because I’m THAT guy? The guy that worries third-party mods can NEVER be as good as the factory?

Well I will tell you I was WRONG. DEAD WRONG.
Not only am I happy but I know now I will NEVER buy the factory leather again on a Jeep. EVER.

This is better looking, better quality — South American leather — and has better seam tightness/fit. It doesn't hurt that with our logo it just looks KILLER.

If you’re about to buy a Jeep or other ride they do — mostly anything is possible — we say WAIT.

Order the standard cloth seats and RUN, don’t walk to your local Katzkin Leather dealer.

It’s THAT good. And as you can see, the photos don’t lie.

We even got a sneak photo of their stand for the 2015 SEMA show but we're not supposed to show you.

It will be our little secret. ;)

Click here to get more info on how to do this to yours!

It pays to SPY before you BUY!

Full Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Photo Gallery

JEEP WRANGLER: UNDOUBTEDLY, One Of THE MUST DO Customizations For Your Favorite Ride

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