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Having been at this business for approximately five years, I am used to seeing concept cars and production vehicles go up in flames.

Though I don't wish it upon anyone, it — more or less — is the nature of the beast. Sometimes it bites.

Typically speaking though it is a mid-engined Italian exotic that bites the dust in such a spectacular fashion though.

In this case though it's very obvious that an all-new Jaguar F-Type V6 suffered an untimely death. It too went out in a ball of light. This marks the first time an F-Type has self immolated and I can reassure you we'll be keeping an eye on any more events.

The story goes that the owner was piloting his vehicle on the highway when they noticed an error with the vehicle. After pulling over to ring the Jaguar service line the F went up in flames.

The silver lining in this is two-fold. Jaguar has announced that it will be looking into the matter AND the drive escaped the inferno unscathed.

Nice to see Jaguar show some concern while you never hear anything of the like from Ferrari or Lamborghini.

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OUCH: That's NOT Good — An All-New Jaguar F-Type Commits Suicide In Belgium

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